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What should I go for next for an upgrade?
I would ditch the Skorn, but that's just my personal opinion :S
Yeah, when I get more money, Im thinking Triumvirate with Echoing Fury
01/27/2013 03:54 PMPosted by oODarknessOo
What should I go for next for an upgrade?

For what sort of build?
Witching Hour is standard wiz gear. Lacuni is love-hated, but I personally would go for them. Since you got lifesteal on your Skorn, defenses aren't that much of a concern. Having 450 RA with glass cannon and non-archon form (i.e. 650 with archon) is more than enough, and Blood Weapon isn't needed at all when you have 5.6 LS. Go Force Weapon and you can manage to drop some defenses in favor of DPS.

But get some Vit...maybe a Int/Vit/CC/CCD ammy or something (Tal's ammy would do great; even better if you can get it with either IAS or CC) Int/Vit Witching Hour, and heavy Vit/Int pants with AR/RA

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