Can A Blue Please Respond About The Obvious Duping???

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Go to the Gold Auction House and look for a Tal Rasha Ammy with 8% IAS and 65% Critical Hit damage you will see MULTIPLE dupes for sale. They are constantly on there and being bought and more come up, they are priced very low for their quality. And yea EXACT same stats and this has been happening for over a week. Can someone from Blizzard respond about this serious issue?
Well we know the blues are around because they are currently deleting threads. Let's see if they address an actual game problem while they are here
Hope so :(
inb4 thread deleted.
You expect discussion? lol?
01/27/2013 07:26 PMPosted by Infernii
You expect discussion? lol?

There isnt much to say. Blues will not comment on dupes even though we all know its happening.
yeah just looked, 4 off them with 272 int + 65 vit.
Wonder how you do that? make an unbelievable amount of gold.
I dont c how this can go ignored... Especially with them so invested into the RMAH... And the reason this game is 100% online is to stop this?
Found an additional duped item: Defiant Cloth (pants) STR 46 DEX 121 VIT 149 All Res 63 Life Regen 89 Sockets 2. The duper staggered the listing on the SC gold AH by listing the 1st and 2nd pair 2 hours apart and the 2nd and 3rd pair by 3 hours. I could not submit a ticket to Customer Support because no options or viable workarounds were available to do so.
No they to busy deleting Poe Threads
who cares , stop crying about dupes.
Can someone please tell me HOW to dupe exactly? If you think about it, the best way to get this stuff fixed if everyone knew how to do it...
I suppose if you bought an obviously "duped item" then you could expect it to be deleted from your account with your money returned? Just wondering.
01/27/2013 07:35 PMPosted by Mike
who cares , stop crying about dupes.

So MR Mike drops a tal rasha's ammy and quite rightly expects to get 600 mill for it but WTF, only worth 5 mill lol.
I don't understand the issue on duping. You mean every gear in D3 is unique and can't be more than 1? I went to and found a few players having the same Mantico as i m using. I manage to befriend one of them and now we farming together. Is there something wrong? Sorry been a noob.
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