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Hi all ye Monks of Diablo, I was just hoping a few of you wouldn't mind taking a quick look at my build and items and offer some suggestions as to where I should go from here. What items should I look at upgrading, and what stats should I focus on increasing. Before anyone tells me to go read a guide I just want to say I really appreciate all the hard work that people put into those guides, but I also like talking about items and builds and hearing others comments on my monk. I think we have a great community and this is my first ever post on the forums so I'd like to see what you guys think. Thanks : )
Awesome that are aware of the guides (and perhaps take a look through some of them). Looks like you've done your homework (in terms of posting a blind request and hoping for the best). I can appreciate that you prefer discussion (on top of the reading you have done). But before I engage in that conversation, I want to ask you this:

(1) What are your current goals for upgrades and build (key farming? XP/loot farming? ubers?)
(2) What are you able to do now (MP wise) if you are key/uber farming? Where do you find yourself struggling the most?
(3) What are some of your ideas on where you think your monk needs improving to get past the hump? What build/item changes are you considering?
(4) If you are looking to upgrade, what kind of budget are you looking at right now?

I believe that posting some more information on where you think you are will probably garner far more constructive and relevant feedback (and won't waste people's times by posting stuff that is not actually relevant to you?
Cody you have a nice mid tier monk using Shens with LS.

In regards to your gear the one piece that stands out is the Ammy. You most likely chose the 99 CD due to the lack of socket for your Relentless Assault and you wanted to up your DPS. Only thing is you are missing 8-10 cc from that piece which in turn is used for yoiur SW cyclones which is a brunt of a monks DPS. I know it may cost a bit but look for an Ammy with CC as well as CD.

You have 2.5 LS and LOH. Your life is on the borderline of being to low. To compensate for this I would try and add another piece or 2 with IAS and pick up your Vit as well. Best place would be to keep on rolling HF rings till you get a decent one or pony up on a new MH ring. I would also look into a Temp with Vit roll as close to 200 as possible. The addition of 150+ Vit will be a great eHP boost over the CR currently rolled.

Once you increase your eHP and IAS for sustain you can probably drop Guardians path for Combination Strike to give you a bit more DPS. Also if you are having some issues with Arcane, Frozen or Fire Chains you may perhaps use SSS Pandomonium Rune for Stun to avoid them and to Stun an elite or 2 while you take care of them one at a time.

Lastly if you intent to stick with Shens pick a Fist of Legend with over 950K dps should be relatively inexpensive right now.

GL and Cheers-
Thanks guys this is great advice.

@Nameless I currently key farm in mp7 I can do 8 but I find it takes too long. And it seems like I'm having a hard time with ubers I can only do mp5 or is that about normal solo? I have a budget of about 100m right now. My goals are just to make an awesome hard hitting balanced monk, I would like to be able to battle the ubers a little better however.
So a bunch of points on first glance:

(1) If you want hard-hitting balanced monk, then I think you need a combination of mitigation (armor, resists) and vit in your gear (which carl alluded to above). Your current EHP is 393K which is simply too low and you want to get it up closer to 500K to survive MP8 and beyond. Your current resists is 593 and armor is 5300. There is room to grow in resists and armor - +50 more resists may actually be helpful and +100 would be awesome; likewise, getting armor closer to 6K will also help in future as well. The unfortunate thing is that you have poor resist rolls in some of your items that on their own, it's not bad, but cumulatively, make a significant impact - the idiom death-by-a-thousand-cuts may apply here. 32 CR on your nat's ring, 38 CR & 55 AR on your bracers, 43 CR on your Inna's chest, 46 CR on your Inna's helm has meant that you have left a little resist on the table. On their own, not a big deal... add them all up, and that's where your missing 50-100 resists (equivalent to 20K to 40K EHP according to are. And with the increase in resist and armor, it makes each HP you gain via vit or life% that much more effective, so mitigation is always important.

(2) A good place to pick up vit would actually be in the chest. Unless the +.33 spirit regen means that much to you, you can probably find a good rare chest with >200 vit, >150 dex, CR + AR > 100, +armor, 3 sockets for something within your budget that will provide you with more EHP than what you have right now. If you can't find one within your budget, you can try dropping either AR or CR and see what you can find. Remember that elemental resists max out at 60 per slot, while all resist maxes out at 80 per slot. The closer you can get it to the max roll, the better as the gearing choice that much more efficient.

(3) I hear you about taking too long to kill in MP8. You simply need more DPS to get past this hump. Carl is right about ChC in amulet - it's necessary for a monk, and with 100M, you should be able to get a pretty decent ammy with 30M or so that will do wonders for DPS.

(4) For a better DPS buff, consider dropping BW for DR/Foresight (for 18% buff for 30s) and following Carl's suggestion for CS passive. Used properly, they will give you a total of 34% buff, on top of FitL for SW/snapshot purposes while 1.0.6 is still around. Also see if you can drop MoE/HT for MoC/Overawe and spam for non-RD packs. This should help speed up kills significantly.

That's what I can see off the top of my head for your purposes. Hope this helps. I really would suggest that you take time to read through the guides though. It provides a lot of good information to help you discern between good and bad advice.

Good luck.
Thanks again guys, I just got to say its nice to have the experienced knowledgeable players take the time to comment on all these posts.

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