what ring?

What is the best ring to wear with nats reflection? Hellfire ring sucks too much. Or should I switch out the nats reflection also? Not using bloody footprints, getting better stats/results with the pair of ice climbers that I have.
If you're going to use a nats ring, use the nats boots. You do see the 2 et bonus right? That 7% is HUGE.
OK, how about the other ring?
On the other hand, instead of hellfire ring.
rare for the win or soj alternative for pvp.
Unity ring is good.
litany is a good starter ring if you have dex on it... once you can afford it get a tri/quadfecta rare with dex
get a good avg dmg attack speed/cc ring. kidna expensive but the dps boost is nice
A high Average Damage Litany, or if you git money, High IAS Litany. The in-between is a nice ChD Litany.

You get some decent DPS and EHP. highly recommended in high MP as the -dmg to elites is underrated.

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