Removal of spam/bad questions in Ask Devs thread.

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Once the thread gets locked down will you guys consider going through and removing posts that either have dislikes or spam reports on them?

The fewer questions there are in the thread, the more likely people are to spend time reading through the questions and liking the good questions. I really hope people take the time to read as and like as many questions as they can.
Yes, this, please. It's annoying when non-productive posts waste space.
Thanks for the support Ryaskybird!
We would like the "Ask the Devs" Q&A to remain focused as well, so posts that are off-topic or don't abide by the guidelines will not be answered and may indeed be removed at our discretion.
It's annoying how much PoE people trolling the thread. -_-
someone please bring up the lack of group gameplay in-game and feeling of community. feels like a single player game with an ah. almost as important if not more then end game content.
It will be interesting to see if they answer any tough questions or if this will transparently be a going-through-the-motions ordeal. The community I think has been very patient and deserves to get a Q&A with substance.
I support this idea.

Also, I've actually gone through that thread and for the most part it's pretty on point. There's relatively little in the way of trolling/spamming/harassment, though not all of the questions are as quite focused as Blizz asked for. It's attracted nowhere near as much negativity as almost every other thread in GD over the past few days, which is nice.
The "Ask the Devs" really needs to be about anything rather than 1.07 alone.
Just wait for the one with the Itemization topic - that'll be a beast.
01/29/2013 12:34 PMPosted by Ricstar
It's annoying how much PoE people trolling the thread. -_-

they bought diablo 3 or some blizzard product if they can even post on this forum


I play PoE its a good game , I dont consider myself a "poe person"

Im still playing Diablo 3 I have hope for the future / xpac will change the game fundamentally back to a similar system of Diablo 2 with a little new innovation

They clearly didnt have a great alpha testing because they never tested inferno passed act 2, and Didnt really think about End Game

Because the real endgame was Inferno being in completable for months in mind

They thought they would have a good branch of time to create new content to extend the games lifetime

Didnt work out that way

They Nerfed the content into the ground, then added ubers, and mp levels

Which added a little substance but still the games missing a true End game, and PvP not being patched in 9 months after the games release has also hurt its reputation

Dueling was my thing in Diablo 2, but Diablo 3 it feels like they just slapped it in there

if this is the case they could have easily done this a Month after release when they couldnt come up with a Single Idea to change on what they already had established back in 2010

Oh well I think im rambling a bit too much

gonna finish eating my pot roast and reading these forums

-Bossed Up

-Relax Bro

-Call Me when the money there

PoE got ask the devs almost everyday, ingame, in the general chat. And that's about everything.
01/29/2013 01:07 PMPosted by Rush
they bought diablo 3 or some blizzard product if they can even post on this forum
The nicest thing Blizzard could do for them is a perma ban. They obviously have closure issues and could use some help letting go. If they like PoE that much, they can stay in its forums. Ruining PoE's community like they ruined this one.
Dear D3 Dev Team,

Since release and up to this 1.07 patch, I notice that there is little being addressed in regards to build diversity. Supposedly, the system of skill ability/rune combinations was envisioned to ensure such diversity takes place. Unfortunately, this well intended concept has not achieved the desired result due to poor gear diversity.

What does the dev team have in mind now and in the future to rectify the current trend of only 2 or so viable builds per class? My suggestion is to give existing items deemed worthless by the community a makeover, adding more/new +skill ability, +skill rune, and special class-specific effects to them. I feel that this will promote the diversity that Blizzard has advertised without the necessity of a skill tree system.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

I had a question about pickup radius i tried posting but the thread has reached its max... I looked through to see some of the qestions and most people are just being stupid, its like they didnt even read the instructions in the OP.

If a blue happenes to see this will the added base pickup radius add to our existing pickup radius if we already have a little on our items?

Say if we have 20 pickup radius after patch 1.07 i will get 21? Or is the base pickup radius only a slight increase to those who have 0?

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