is tal armor a suicide armor?

i know tal armor is BiS for wizards regardless of build (cm or archon, etc) due to attack speed but seeing how it's insanely expensive to get a high armor with good vit/int roll and high all resist, are budget players stuck with (400 generic armor, double int/vit, no all resist) and suffering here and there for the sake of an additional ias 9?

i ditched my ehp zuni armor (732 armor/156int/216 vit/80 all resist - 130 int 2-set bonus) to give tal armor a try and truth be told, enemies did disappear in mp10 like they were a joke but of course not all the time things goes my way.

my tal armor is generic and i've been looking through AH for a good one but alas they're all credit card applicable only :(
It is expensive, I went for armor and double vit instead of all resist. Made up my all resist on other pieces, it's really expensive on Tal's.
That's a great question. I've been thinking that this will be my next upgrade even if its very expensive. I just want to know if its worth it. I would like to find armor + at least 50 AR and 80+ vit. Intel is ok to be compromised but I don't want it to be lower than 150. What do u guys think? Should I save a load of gold by just focusing on AR 70+ and forget about armor bonus?
i sniped my tal armor for 50m.
I really like the Zuni's set. When doing Archon I get the 3 piece bonus. even though my 3 slots aren't the best of each the +130 int and +55RA is pretty nice and it was cheap (especially since the chest I found one day). When I do CM/WW I drop the ring for IAS/CC one and keep the +130 int bonus.

Wish I could find a nice trifecta Zuni Pox.
If you can afford it, then you will do well with an AR + armor chest. To get reasonable stats in your other rolls will be very expensive though. I paid 50 million for my armor/double vit chest and I don't even see but a couple AR/armor chests that I would wear instead on the AH, and these are several hundred million.
interesting way to put tal armor into view, jack. forgot you could get one with high armor instead and mitigate all resist elsewhere. are they cheap nowadays?
Tyrael's Might and IK armor are also available. Depending on what you are looking for they will likely be cheaper options. IK Armor + Gloves are useful.

Otherwise get both Tal's and Zuni body armors like I did and switch depending on what you need.
Don't think they're cheap, but the one I'm wearing in my profile I got for 50 million. Thats with 212 vit, 777 armor, 9 attack speed. Only bummer is low int roll at 130. I thought it was a good deal at the time, but got it a month back.
for 50m that is definitely a steal, jack

@DD: yeah i've also been looking on that option too, could easily go there once i have an ias ammy; once that's done, i'm ditching lacuni for a rare ehp bracer. i honestly feel my lacuni is the one killing me now.
can you switch your profile to D3 from star2 so i can see your lacuni? just curious to see what u are workin with
my bad

yes, glass cannon. been using aph's build.
Red Gem in Gloves.

@Pichapiegal: Yeah, a good Tal Rasha's Chest is expensive. However, broadly speaking it's just one of those pieces on a CM/WW wizard that's expensive to get a good roll. To make the 2.74aps breakpoint, you need 8 pieces at a minimum with a 1.65aps wand. Typically, most CM/WW wizards will pursue adding IAS on six pieces: 2 rings, amulet, gloves, belt, and source. However, the last two have more variation. And that leaves us the helm, chest, bracers, and pants. And that's where it's tricky, since you often have to pick something like Tal Rasha's chest, Lacuni bracers, Inna's pants, or Andariel's Visage/Mempo of Twilight. All of these typically have downsides and/or get expensive to add the good stuff like All Resist/Armor (or CC in the case of Mempo of Twilight). So it's kinda inevitable that we either have to settle for some bad rolls or pay through the nose.
@novice: IKR :3, a barb inspected me and scratched his head, 'why do you have a ruby on your tasker and not topaz?

@tekk: yeah it's a pain nowadays to get a good gear for cm/ww. i haven't upgraded for a month or two now iirc.
@pichapiegal: Yeah, it's beginning to get painful for me too and I've kind of given up chasing DPS and just focusing on expanding my interests beyond just cm/ww. Though this week I picked up some new toys with a cheap 5%cc skull grasp with 5%cc ET (8mil - though its primary stat is strength) and a LoH Nat's reflection (6mil). The Nat's upgrade has been particularly nice and now I'm just 3.5k dps shy of my ultimate SNS goal: 2.74aps/50%cc/100k DPS/800LoH/350kEHP (no dodge). :)
Mine was 10 mil. Same mitigation as 60 All Res, but ridiculously cheaper. The stat roll should be high Vit, but I was impatient xD
i'm 2.69 aspd when i go zuni armor.

mind you, the LS chant wand in my profile now was me playing around against rd/elec mobs. my real cm/ww-sns wand is a 1.77 one.

yes rd/elec mod still hurts like a mofo even with high loh/ls
Yeah RD/E is a pita. Need ridiculous EHP to tank, together with high LoH. So i figure just killing one at a time, save Gold.
I would have thought life steal would have really helped on top of 1,200 loh. Though normally I try to position myself to hit all the targets on RD/E, but not close enough to get hit a lot by by a lot of the electrify bolts. It only becomes an absolute nightmare with Vortex. :p

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