is tal armor a suicide armor?

i do try to use corners to shield myself from the elec and that usually works. this is why i prefer rd/elec with waller affix. seriously that's a lifesaver @_@

lower mp levels, rd/elec are very tolerable. mp10 rd/elec just hurts a lot more that ls/bm/loh don't cut it UNLESS there are other non-rd/elec mobs gathered around the boom boom area
physical res was easier to find then armor.

If i could choose i would use:
200 int
300 vit
80 ar
only when deep freeze activates can i stand against rd/elec mobs. otherwise i can't. sadly most rd/elec mobs i've been encountering are less than 5 :(

@ruler eric: does tal armor roll phys resist?
I don't think it's necessarily a suicide armor.

I looked for one with +armor because all the high vit, AR ones were insanely inexpensive at the time, and only players like Audi could afford them. I bought a Zuni chest with +armor and over 200 vit for swapping for ubers, and it sat in my stash most of the time.
It rolls as many affixes as the 'EHP' armors replacing IAS with AR so you can drop IAS somewhere else for an AR affix etc.
For BP's I suggest seeking reduced elite dmg mod. Trading out a single +allres or +armor roll is definitely worth a straight 7 to me.
If it helps, i sold my old Tal chest a few days back: 160int/250vit/8speed/5 radius for 85M. I lost around 7-8k dps but the zuni i got instead increased my survivability considerably even with -3k or so life.
thanks for the inputs, people
i see no problem in using a tal armor for cm build. just not anythign else
I prioritize AR and Armor over Vit by a huge margin, but then I am still constantly farming xp, whereas you are P100, so I assume you are not.

my Tal's chest has AR and Vit that are just below everyone's search parameters, so it was only 60m for 750 total armor, 53 res, 154 int, 58 vit, 8IAS. To get the same mitigation on a Tal's chest with high AR instead of high Armor is about double the price, because nobody searches below 60AR. I would like it, but I don't need 9 IAS, because I rarely use SNS and when I do I have no trouble hitting the 3.01 breakpoint with an IAS wand Dropping from 9% to 8% ias on the chest will also knock 10-50% off the cost of it.
Red Gem in Gloves.


hehe what boss.
pitch i think tal rashys will crash. I have been seeing so many more on ah today and their seems to be a shift taking place in CM world to zuni.
I spent almost a month looking for a good tal chest before I gave up and went with zuni...Yeah there were decent armors on the AH, but I was not willing to pay 500 mil just to get the ias!! In the end the zuni ring and armor cost me less than 100 mil. My dps stayed the same and my ehp increased by over 100k. I had a 180 int 85 vita 36 AR tals that's now sitting in my stash!!
ok thanks for the heads up aims
whats up with that red gem btw? you relise yellow gem gives mitigation equivalent and dps at same time?

u lose nothing only gain putting yellow gem in.
Sniped mine for 7m. Don't think its hurting my ehp that much, though my pants are.
as a proud budget / upper-mid tier wiz myself, gearing properly is all about knowing where you can get the stats you need for the relative cheapest price and then waiting for good deals to pop up..

my tal armor doesnt have great int or vit, but the armor and ar are legit and it has a 9ias roll.. got it for something like 40mil?

i more than make up for the low vit of my chest with my pants alone.. combine that with having a 78ar/70int/120vit nats ring (probably lucked out at 65 mil) allows me to use alternate pairs of gloves for certain situation (high int 10cc trifectas for more damage, AR 8/8 taskers for more mitigation/ubers). I would much rather just carry alternates at a fraction of the cost.

Until i splurge on the new wand ive been saving for, i will have not spent more than 100 mil on any item. Being poor takes work, but to me its a big reason why this game is so fun :-)
i think mine was 90. novices is even better man and he paid less. Yeah keep looking for deals. No way u should pay over 100 for a ar armor tal rashy
whats up with that red gem btw? you relise yellow gem gives mitigation equivalent and dps at same time?

u lose nothing only gain putting yellow gem in.

i ran out of high topaz and red gem was sitting in my stash :P

yes i am that cheapskate to even buy an rs topaz
I found the one I am wearing <-- last week and was like oh that's kinda cool. I looked on AH and could not believe how expensive it was! (I am just a regular old archon wizard farming for XP :P) So that was by far the nicest thing I have found so far LoL

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