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Lately I've been unable to play on America servers at normal hours. I can at off-times, like 3:00 am PST, but an unable to get through the log-in server at normal hours, like 5:00-10:00 pm PST. However, even during normal hours I can log in to both Europe and Asia servers (never made a character to try actually playing there).

This issue only started about 4-5 days ago, and seems to effect other people I know IRL around where I live as well. Have been getting all sorts of error messages, such as: Error 3006, 3007, and 10001. Even in the rare occasion that I have been able to log in after like 20+ tries and get into a game, I end up with over 1000ms latency.

About a week ago none of these issues existed for me, and my latency would rarely go above 20ms.
Would like to add, I'm playing from Southern California.
After hours of trying to get on and actually play the game, now I'm getting this:


I get in, it say's I have 0 latency, and my character doesn't even show up...
you actually got in???I can't even get in lol
Same for me. It is now the update agent is stuck at "INITIALIZING" that "PLAY" button is greyed out.
Well, I was fine playing late last night (after 2:00 am) and earlier this morning/afternoon.

But now, around 6:00 PST once again I'm having severe lag issues on the America server (yet the Asia and European servers are still fine for me).
Still looking for a blue response as to why I can only play on EU and Asia servers during peak hours.
got same issue here.... hope they can do something about this.. it's been weeks already...
i have had lag as well. i am also from southern california. it started yesterday at 3pm and i could not even play until midnight. then at 2pm today it started to lag again. before yesterday i never lagged. i never got above 75msec. now it is over 1000msec all the time during peak hours. i know that the ptr is out but that does not give blizz the right to ignore us. blue respond to this and fix this issue.
They need to shut the server down and fix it, this is too frustrating.
Still looking for solutions to this issue.
Still looking for solutions to this issue.
It's happening here too. Just started right now and am trying to find a fix to access the game. Also the launcher is taking a while to boot up. Didn't happened this morning though but it just happened right now. PLEASE HELP US BLIZZARD.
Wow. Just found a fix to this problem and it worked for me :D.
Ok well first you need to download advance system care 6. (Search it in Google)
Then you will need to scan after installing it. Choose everything in scan.
This might take a while but it is worth it.
Then you reboot and then go on diablo 3 and try :D.
Hope this helps!
still no solution to this?

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