Am I the only one lagging tonight?

Technical Support
There seems to be a huge Lag whenever I join a public game tonight.. I am getting over 2k MS... and I keep firing arrows into thin air
mine has been like this the past 3 days. There's a delay of almost 2 seconds for every actions.
Same problem here. It has happened since 3 days ago. In-game latency is around 400ms - 1300ms. Almost no such problem before for 6 months or so and normal latency was around 200ms.
SAME stupid problem here. I started lagging some weeks ago. Im playing from europe btw. As davey says there is a delay of almost 2 secs on every action..
SAME problem here, due to latency issue since the last server maintenance (lag spike 600ms - 2000+ms). Hope Blizzard will do something regarding this server problem asap. Game is unplayable in either private or public games.

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