1.07 Monk. The Change are not make the point.

I am not satisfy with the change of monk. Yes, skills spend spirit get buff with damage,but that's not the most important problem with monk. The most terrible things on monk is the spirit not enough to cast the powerful skills. Ok,we all know that 4 spirit generate skill own their skill rune to help monk get more spirit. But I should say honest, the spirit generate skill with rune which get more spirit are useless. For example, 4th rune of Fist of Thunder which called Quickening. The skill rune provide 15 extra spirit when critical hit happened. Sounds good, but think about the thunderclap, another skill rune of Fist Of Thunder, which own better damage,attack radius and teleport attack. If u choose Qucikening , u lose dps on spirit generate skill,and get more dps on skill which spend spirit. It is not better in result.

So, the most important problem on monk is that the way monk get spirit not efficient. Maybe the worst of the 5 character. Wizard could get the magic attribute on equipment help them the get the resource efficient. So does Demon Hunter and Witch doctor, and their resource spend get balance with their resource recover. Monk? That's Suck, 1 sec get 1 to 2.5 spirit regeneration, Are u kidding me? Skill like Wave of Light spend 75 spirit. Even I get the best spirit regeneration equipment, I could only get 10 spirits per second, It means, I can not build a monk that do not use spirit generate skill. And the more terrible thing is , if I wanna build a monk focus on skill which spend a lot of spirit to make better dps. I must use the extra spirit generate skill rune to maintain the spirit, and the rune is not powerful at dps.

In my suggestion, change the spirit recover way on equipment. 1 sec get 2.5 spirit is a joke. In the situation, monk is not good at combo skill, The character is pushed to make combo, even the combo is bad. Maybe u guys should consider change the spirit regenerate attribute on equipment to be "skill generate skill get 1 or 2 more spirit per hit". And player will build their monk more various. For example , player could keep the build that do not use any spirit spend skill or buy the new equipment to get better spirit generate efficiency to build a monk use powerful spirit skill. Do not just increase the skill damge, that's not the point.
@kyoyagami, I can see you are passionate about this situation, but your text comes off as difficult to read. I have cleaned it up some to make it easier for people to read and hopefully allow for the discussion that you likely desire. I tried to keep the spirit of your post intact.

I am not satisfied with the changes to the monk class. Yes, spirit spenders are getting a damage buff, but that's not the defining problem with the monk class. The worst aspect of the monk is that there is not enough spirit to cast the powerful skills. We all know that there is a rune on each primary attack to generate additional spirit. Let’s be honest; the spirit generation rune is useless. For example, the 4th rune for Fists of Thunder, Quickening, provides 15 extra spirit on critical hits. This sounds good but not compared to Thunderclap, another rune for Fists of Thunder. Thunderclap has better damage, attack radius, and teleports to the target. If you choose Quickening, you lose DPS on Fists of Thunder but get more DPS on spirit spenders, but the result is worse.

So, the most important problem with the monk class is that the spirit generation is not efficient. It is possibly the worst of the 5 classes. Wizards can get the Arcane Power on Critical affix on equipment to help them gain Arcane Power efficiently. The Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor also have similar affixes, and their resources spent balances with their resource recovery. The monk resource generation affix, 1 to 2.5 spirit regeneration per second, is not comparable. Skills like Wave of Light cost 75 spirit. Even if I got the best spirit regeneration equipment, I could only get 10 spirit per second, That means I cannot build a monk without a spirit generation skill. Even worse, if I want to build a monk to focus on expensive spirit spenders for higher DPS, I must use an extra spirit generation rune to maintain the spirit, and those runes are weak for DPS.

I suggest changing spirit regeneration on equipment. 2.5 spirit per second is a joke. In this situation, the monk cannot effectively combine skills. Blizzard is pushing the monk class to combine skills in 1.0.7, but the combos are lackluster. Maybe Blizzard should consider changing the spirit regeneration affix on equipment to "attacks generate 1 or 2 more spirit per hit." This will allow more build variation. For example, a player could keep a build that does not use any spirit spenders, or buy the new equipment to get better spirit regeneration to build a monk that uses lots of spirit spenders. Do not just increase the skill damage, that's not the point.
thx for clean up,I am not good at English writing.

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