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I'm having some serious issues with attaching my PayPal account to my account. Every time I've tried to attach my account multiple times, but I receive the follow error: "Your PayPal account could not be linked at this time. This may be due to a system error, or because you've already linked a PayPal account to this account. If the problem persists, please contact Customer Support."

1) I've attempted attaching a new card and bank account (another checking account I have) with a brand new PayPal account (in addition to my primary account). I have also tried to clear the cache in internet explorer with no success. Additionally, I have attempted different browsers and even 2 different computers (on my home network and on a friend's network).

2) I have contacted PayPal and they state that there are absolutely no holds on my funds, accounts, or anything otherwise. In fact, the error only happens on the side. Paypal shows the authorized "pre-payment" in effect on their side, but does not.

3) I have attempted different authentication and SMS protect phone numbers (a little overkill, but at this point, I'm trying anything)

4) I have even tried to create a account using my WIFES PayPal account and all of her own information (i.e. account is made for her). I'm receiving the same issue. Her account is fully verified and cleared through PayPal as well.

5) Turned my modem off for an excessive period of time to obtain a new IP address.

6) Verified that my PayPal address matches up EXACTLY with my account (email address and all).

Finally, the major issue I have is that Blizzard will not simply call up PayPal to resolve this issue. Each person that I message is completely dismissive and every single one apparently does not check my previous posts. They continue to treat me like a moron and suggest the same exact troubleshooting steps over and over. They then tell me to just add a card and be on my way. I cannot SELL on RMAH with a debit card, only PayPal. Furthermore, the funny thing is that I was told to post on the forums:
If the difficulty persists, you may widh to try a different payment method or post the situation on the forums to see if other player report similar difficulties.

Why would you tell me to "contact Customer Support" to help me with this issue if you cannot apparently do ANYTHING to help me?
Further information -- this PayPal account used to work on my old account. I have verified through PayPal to make sure that there is residual linking between my account and my PayPal account. Furthermore, I have checked my old account to make sure it does not have any payment options setup with PayPal. After I detached my PayPal account and tried to attach it to the new one, I started receiving this error. I'm also unable to attach it to the old account either.
Additional posts I've found pertaining to this problem: (Blue post -- "Investigating issue", no update for 10 days on this matter). (Have tried this method.. Doesn't work) (Never solved multiple users issues) (Guy posted 1/7/2013 with NO responses)
I had the same problem, but blizz asked me to have a mobile phone in U.S. first to setup a security protection which I don't have at the moment.
All of my information is U.S. I live in the U.S., with a verified authenticator and SMS protect phone (U.S. as well). I have a 100% verified PayPal account (Phone #, Address, bank, card, etc). The account used to work, but it no longer does.
PayPal setup can be a tricky beast, esp for use with D3.

1. You need to have a valid cred it card associated with the PayPal account or won't take it.
2. You need to set up a Billing Profile that matches the info on the card or rejects the payment setup.
3. There are the additional requirements for D3 involving a valid Authenticator and SMS Protect be set up.

This thread over in WoW CS has some tips on setting up the billing profile

You can find the PayPal setup walk through here

Doesn't work. Have SMS, Authenticator, matching names, address, phone numbers, even email addresses, and matching credit cards. I have setup PayPal before on a previous account. Setting up PayPal is not a "tricky beast" lol.
did you ever figure it out cause im having issues now

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