Keep RMAH, remove GOLD AH

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f you remove the gold auction house, kept gold strictly for repairs and such,.
lol no.

For this to work, gold would have to be removed from the RMAH.

But not really. Because if it was removed from the RMAH, bots would still be able to sell it in the black market.

You know not having a GAH would make gold useless essentially removing gold sale from the RMAH and 3rd party sites at the same time.

01/29/2013 06:39 PMPosted by Flexyana
GAH (and trading loot) is an essential component of this game. Without it I would immediately quit.

haha thats funny all those elite kills must be a fun game, but no GAH = quit

Right now they farm gold because it's the easiest way to bot.

Make gold worthless, they'll farm items.

true but the way itemization is in D3 maybe that wont be bad, blizz has 2 option
1- keep itemization the same, keep allowing people to bot
2- fix itemization, ban more bots

sadly option 2 is the least likely
pathetic credit card loser
Bad I idea, unless they change the way we get items. Make it so you can get the "best" weapons, Armour, etc from doing certain quests or killing this or that monster like in other games.

The only thing that has bothered me about the AH has been the lagg/slowness lately. If blizzard, other players, and botters make money off gold and real money AH that is fine with me. Why does it bother some people and why does it need to be "fixed?"
Suppose they do this then ... I had these quick thoughts

No GAH - RMAH will be the only place to get item will great affixes..Maybe this exaclty how it is now but i dont use RMAH so i cant be sure.. They'll need to have more static affixes on items for this to even have a chance at working.

RNG vs. No RNG - This a major contributing factor (IMO) on why you can sell d2 item on 3rd party sites and why it may not workout so well with d3 items. You could sell D2 item because they were bascially able to have duplicate items and so you could have fixed prices. With D3 its sort of what the a player is willing to spend, That not a particularly great business model unless your getting a precenage of what ever the random price is like blizzard does. Im mean seriously is a 3rd party going to have 100 difffent skorns, 100 diffrent mempo etc. to sort through on their site ?

This is why they generally stick to selling gold.

Farming - What do te players that do not use RMAH get? crap a$$ drops and horrible drop rates? I dont see how its fair to be stuck with that system as the primary mean on aquiring gear.
the backlash of this idea will be another era of SOJ trading

only except we don't know what would be the new virtual currency, it could be marquise gem and then the dupers will come in at full force.
what blizzard has to do after itemization is a ah rmah reset complete because prices are now worse than ever constantly going up when less people play and most get the credit cards out.
01/31/2013 08:58 PMPosted by DeathRecall
pathetic credit card loser


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