Witch Doctor: Call to Arms

Witch Doctor
Hey everyone;

I though I would post this here as well since Witch Doctor is my favorite class in the game and me and friends decided to make a short fan film about the class! I hope you all enjoy it and if you like it share it! http://youtu.be/PDobIr5DqW4
Kick !@#.
Beautiful work man. Keep it up!
I am so freakin' glad WD is your favourite class! That was epic!
Thanks! I appreciate your comments and your support! It's been only 24 hours and already nearly 400 views! I hope you guys keep giving me input and your opinions. Maybe if I get enough views I'll expand on the Witch Doctor with another film or maybe even do another short of another character class such as Monk or Barbarian! What would you guys like to see next?
that was awesome, its a shame that all you can do without a good budget is make humanoid demons. Would love to see some bears or dogs, but I think CGI is a bit out of reach huh?

Regardless, excellent work.
We're gonna experiment with CGI see if we can get something decent going on no Budget. No promises though! This literally was done with one day of Filming and practically $0. Makeup artist donated her materials, but everyone in this team simply loves filming and we wanted to make this happen! Maybe if we spread the word and get a kickstarter or Indie gogo going we might be able to provide some high quality CGI in the future! But I'm confident that if we did this with nothing we can do something great with a micro-budget for Diablo fans everywhere!
I just wanna say wow!!! Thanks for the support more than 7,000 views in just 3 days!!!! I never thought we'd ever get this much positive feedback!!!!
My favorite part is when the Witch Mother spits out her pork n' beans lol
Very nice job.... love to see a DH next ......
02/01/2013 12:41 PMPosted by WhiteWalker
My favorite part is when the Witch Mother spits out her pork n' beans lol

ROFL i thought the same thing.

kind of reminds me of that chick from the walking dead.
02/01/2013 12:41 PMPosted by WhiteWalker
My favorite part is when the Witch Mother spits out her pork n' beans lol

XD LOL we used mashed mixed vegetables that for some reason ended up looking like beans! We tried to go for the real thing but that zombie was a vegetarian and we don't think she would've liked pork in her mouth... Actually now that I think of it that last part sounded kinda wrong... >.>
Awesome work!! We need a Bliz staff to see this. Keep it up!
Big respect and gratz to this great Artwork from germany ; )
I have watched it a few times over the past few days. its very cool, i just cant help but think "owch" with the poor Witch Mothers waking barefoot out there, it does not look like a barefoor friendly stroll to be stomping your feet down on.

Good job!
@Jane Little did you know that girl ended up with half an inch of bamboo stuck in her foot >.> sooo yeah not friendly at all!!!
Really fantastic! :-) Glad to see others love this class as much!
*wretched mothers* I mean not witch mothers...ouch that's a lot of bamboo!
Can I give you a bunch of items Mr. Dre? I'd like to make you stronger.

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