Ryuu has fallen last night (PL 18)

So, how does it feel to lost your very first Hardcore character?

I think I have the answer for it now...

It's not easy, but the time we spent fighting together, the several eminent death situations we were able to escape... that's what took us so far.

Now rest in peace my friend. You'll be missed.

Well... it's time to recruit a new hero for the challenge.
Any suggestions?
:( Rip...

WD, you've never played one so it should be fun.....
:( Rip...

WD, you've never played one so it should be fun.....

I concur, even though Monks are so much fun.

Just lost my first, a few minutes ago level 57. Lost connection to bnet while playing came back, logged back in to find my char dead. Such a stupid way to go
Rest in Peace.

WD seems really fun but my group already has two WD.
The decision ended between DH and another Monk so I choose to give Monk another try.

Her name is Legacy and she is very confident that will surpass her fallen companion. :)
RIP and sorry for your loss. I wish I could say it gets easier, but honestly, I'm not sure if my second death was easier or harder to swallow.

GL with Legacy.
GL man. RIP Ryuu
[turns on Freebird]
We shall honor the dead with the blood of the living.

Farewell, soldier.
My first HC character died due to a lag spike. The second due to my own stupidity by not teleporting back to town when I got a phone call. Both <60. But still sucked.

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