Anti-fun: Reflect Damage.

Items and Crafting
Forcing players to acquire resists + stamina to deal with these problem affixes pigeon holes everyone into the same gear setups:

Main stat + resist + stamina.

Why do does a game that purports to have millions of build combinations require all players to gear the same way? This gearing also effectively makes us all play the same way too, which negates half of the spell/rune combinations we might have played with because they aren't safe. It is very counter-intuitive and kills the spirit of the diablo paradigm.

There are many solutions for this affix. Increase the LOH/LS gain in inferno (but reasonably cap them for certain classes). Decrease the amount reflected, etc. Currently, the game is more annoying than it is difficult. Forcing a player to change weapons or choose 2-3 spells just to handle every other elite pack is bad game design. We should be able to play the way we want to or atleast find usable the other half of our spell suite.

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