Technical Suport ticket not going through

Technical Support
How the hell can I fix a problem when I cant even log a ticket. I just logged in to see if there was an update and there are no outstanding tickets. What the hell do you have to do to get Blizzard Support.

The last ticket I see submitted by your account in EU where the account is located was on 2012-10-19 It was resolved the same day. The last ticket I see in the US where you have a game account was 2012-07-24, also resolved the same day.

If you're having a technical issue, you can post it here to get help. Otherwise, you need to create a support ticket.

This article will lead you through the process.
Hi thanks for replying Omrakos.

OK. I went through the system support ticket process just now and the other day. I posted the Log files you asked for, went all the way through to the finish, and here I am. Without a ticket logged, which is what I am saying.

I cannot post a ticket on your system support, its not going through.

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