Ubers: shards vs shell

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I agree with bubble making the most sense for DPS, but in practical terms, it's much easier to cover for the noobs you're carrying if you have teleport to reposition when they do something clever like kite Siegebreaker or SK into a corner and die.

Even in the good group I run with, I prefer wormhole because it speeds up collecting 5nv so much.
tried shards



gaga/skelly, hurts a lot; ea/pa shell ftw
pitch back b4 mp10 got nerfed i used force shards. Force is so imba i'd be shocked if you can die. way better than primatiics for that fight. then you dont need shell. maybe try that.
Shell + Time warp, all the time for mp10 uber CARRIES :) Unless you have like 500k ehp and/or an experienced warcry barb in the group, in which case Shards + Time Warp, maybe. Remember if you die even once per run, the time it takes when you're not freezing and group is dying quickly outweighs the increase in damage from shards.

Regarding wormhole / timewarp: I've found wormhole absolutely useless insofar as it relates to group ubers carries b/c the sum total area of Festering Woods + Cemetery is pretty small and if you're not preclearing these areas by yourself, the time it takes to find elites vs the time to kill em makes time warp superior. Besides, barbs, dh and some monks run pretty darn fast as well so it's not like you are the only person looking for elites.
too many posts to quote everuthing that i wanted to respond to so ill just try to respond to everything i can remember reading just now hah

just to clarify, i dont have issues doing ubers with shards, ive done it with shards often without dieing, I'm just asking about preference.

i never use bubble and hate it when other wiz use bubble. stacks up flies, and i dont need the ias rune since im already 3.01.

I dont use tele either, mobility is minimal as long as you stack them up correctly. I use magic weapon in tele/bubble slot and usually run with blood magic when I carry because the healing from that makes me able to stand in pretty much anything (maximize lazymode!)

also, when im with another cm wiz i dont bother using shell because the ubers wont stutter / cast anything so not much need for defenses, i favor shell mostly when im the only cm and the group is a carry or not very geared (ie me dieing = not an option).

while i prefer the extra dps from shards of course (and i normally use shards in any other situation) what I can't stand is when im carrying a group, the fight lasts for several minutes, and then I get sucker punched by magda (such as arcane passing thru me and she casts flies immediately and such). When carrying, I'll take a slightly longer battle with 99% chance victory over having to redo the fight anyday lol.
I agree with aimless on the teleport thing. I firmly believe teleport is one of the most important skill for many reasons other then just running away. Having a nearly permanent 30% dmg reduction is awesome to, as far as ubers go I dont think the bubbles are greater then teleport, thats just my preference though.

As far as the original topic...I honestly am in the same boat as the OP. I can't ever decide which I should use. Usually I just look at the group I'm with. If I'm with a barb using WC, its shards all the way, but if its just me, then most likely crystal shell.
ive started running sns recently with time warp but im using cold snap.
Snap only because its the only way i can keep the ubers stacked for hota barbs and with me being only weatherman wiz

also for all the guys with the bee stacking problem, let ur bubble drop before u refresh it
this will remove bee stacks and ur party being glibbed by a bunch of stupid bees

but can anyone actually stack with bone chill as solo wiz, cause im wondering if im just doing it wrong or what
what do u mean steal? i use bone chill 90% of the time unless im feeling lazy then i use cold snap cos i want them locked tight. i'm a little irresponsible and don't play for carries 100% security so sometimes they die with bone chill. I dont i have tp :P
01/30/2013 09:59 AMPosted by SteelPhantom
but can anyone actually stack with bone chill as solo wiz, cause im wondering if im just doing it wrong or what

im assuming you mean perma-freeze? It's very difficult to achieve perma freeze as the only cm wiz in group, you need 3.01 aps, something like 60 cc and a perfect connection pretty much. Ubers stutter when I solo freeze em (i use bone chill since cold snap doesnt achieve no-stutter-freeze for me) and all i need to do is make sure not to stand in sk when he starts twirling.

sk magda strategy as solo cm = follow magda closely, sk will tele and stack. freeze until sk twirls, move out of melee, immediately go for magda again while watching out for bugs, rinse and repeat.
They stutter for me to, and thats at 3.08/59%cc...but thats why tele is so nice because you just stay on the guy who runs and let the other come to you...as Phal said!
well what i try to do is since the hit box for hota is fairly small i freeze lock the ubers when they are literally ontop of each other
now i can keep them locked in that position if i use cold snap, but if i use bone chill the ubers are able to move out of that stacked position so that hota becomes less effective and length of uber run becomes a lot higher

im guessing its an aps issue or a cc issue or maybe even a ping issue
01/30/2013 09:51 AMPosted by Aimless
pitch back b4 mp10 got nerfed i used force shards. Force is so imba i'd be shocked if you can die. way better than primatiics for that fight. then you dont need shell. maybe try that.

i keep forgetting about force armor. i'll give that a try
01/30/2013 10:11 AMPosted by SteelPhantom
im guessing its an aps issue or a cc issue or maybe even a ping issue

Ping issue for sure, thats the only thing I can think...Its amazing how many button presses happen with no effect. Its what I hate most about tele, when i press the button I have to do it 10 times just to make it work, that gets me killed more then anything else.
yup that sounds about right. no way to keep sk mag locked up with our stats and bone chill

<24ms pings

what did you buy all this ar armor tho for if your not gonna use it:P screw it i use bone chill.
If I get SK and Mags stacked up nice, they get perma-frozen. I'm 3.07 APS with ~55% CC and a good connection. But even (nearly?) perma-frozen, they can still break out. King will walk and Mags will toss out an arcane. I don't use bubble, mainly because I can't stand not having teleport. It's too intrinsic a part of how I play the class. Just $0.02.
If you are with a proper uber group for max speed, you are with 2 HOTA barbs and 1 Snapshot Monk. You are using Timewarp Bubble, not teleport. You are only moving around a tiny bit during SK/Mag.

Run ends in 5-10mins, all 3 boss pairs. There is no debate as using the same group without Timewarp and teleport instead will yield higher run time, guaranteed.

If it's you carrying an absolute mess of a group, sure, use teleport if you otherwise can't complete the run.

Tele is a gimp on ubers. Timewarp with proper group = BIS for that skill slot based on one criteria: run duration
hey alesso do u use snap or bone chill for the hota barbs, because im sure they ask u to stack the elites to increase the efficiency of hota right?
i can perma freeze no walks @ 3.009 55.5 CC and cold snap. Otherwise no.
absolute no brainer. of course use crystal shell. If the party is big and there's plenty of dps, definitely use teleport. the wiz is the last person any party wants to see die. With him around rez's are so damn easy. without him, everything is a nightmare.
I use shards and only got trouble with skeleton king and the witch. And that because I also drop teleport for Time Warp too.

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