level 62 conquest Sword God Mode!

Witch Doctor
level 62 Sword
1227 black dmg
8% ias
42% Crit dmg
Open socket

Best offer takes/350M takes
Pic plz
No loh or ls?
No crit or ls?

uhhhh.. are you dense?
i ment loh
no life leech guys
Sell it on the AH. It is nothing special w/o life sustainment.
how much do you think I can get it for?
Looks like they are on the AH for 100M - 300M. But rare weapons are hard to sell. I would say if you put it more towards the 100M price it would sell faster. May have to go lower.
thx bud, ill look around

put it on the ah starting at 100 mil no buy out.

I know i was poking fun but its a good ZD weapon and worth at minimal 100 mill, I would buy it for a 100 mil right now TBH.. well depending on the attack speed. the little attack speed number thats a factor too for ZD builds.
its alright, no worries! we all do that! haha the time!
ias on it is 8% totaling at 1.51
So I don't win with high bid? :(
sorry bud, I need min 200m. I got a offer from friend for 130m
sooo hook up your friend! I don't qq often about the RMAH/AH but the one thing I hate about it is that as soon as you attach a $$$ amount to items now things like sharing or giving away your gear to friends when you move on all went out the window. It some sense it really hurts the community as a whole and made us all greedy.

I don't know how many games i've played where I had no problem giving away good gear to friends who i knew would enjoy.. soon as that gear is worth a 25$ I'll be damned if i'm giving 25$ to some random on the internet lol
Hey Thanks for the input Brahm, My buddy is rich enough. He is just being greedy with me =[

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