Can't download PTR client installer?

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Hi, I seem to have created a PTR account and can see the option to download the PTR client but when i select windows as my OS i get this message.

Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to
Suggestions: Go to battle.­net
Try reloading: media.­battle.­net/­downloads/­d3-­installers/­ptr/­6e02232-­c64b-­3c24-­68d6-­06b6c50b692ff/­Diablo-­III-­Public-­Test-­Setup-­enGB.­exe

I have tried using different browsers, is the site temporarily down? Any help would be appreciated.

It might be due to the same issue affecting users in your region as described in the sticky post above.

Also, it appears you're trying to download the European client, is that what you want?
Great, that fixed it, thanks alot! Just came up with euro one by default changed it to US thanks again.

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