List of the highly rated dev questions that we asked.

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I have started putting together a list of all the highly rated developer questions. I have shortened the questions so each fit on a single line on a Word document page in size 12 Times New Roman font.

If you would like to help find duplicate questions please list the post numbers of the very similar questions that you have found.

Status: All the highly rated questions have been listed! Help me find duplicates if you want, please.

See post #5 in this thread for a list of questions that have been answered or resolved by the 1/30 PTR patch notes.

Here are the duplicates that I found so far:
#5 #29 #31 #55 #134 #406 Monk changes to damage and not mechanics.
#6 #306 Endless dungeon requests.
#11 #211 Want a ladder system.
#13 #152 #216 #477 Changes to 2 handed weapons.
#19 #94 #139 #145 #264 #321 #326 #342 #464 Teleporting between acts.
#21 #330 #382 Lobby stuff.
#22 #23 #99 Loot roll related.
#26 #36 #76 #109 #122 #163 #279 Old Ruby tiers were not changed.
#38 #243 Archon and Life after Kill in multiplayer games.
#41 #140 #258 #474 Reduction of crafting fees.
#54 #363 Tal Rasha set bonus needs improvement.
#82 #144 #153 #314 #437 Changes to the Topaz gem in the weapon slot.
#91 Any plans on adjusting the Hellfire Ring in light of the new XP bonuses?
#98 #230 #436 Ability to compare gear on AH to what we are wearing.
#106 #142 #290 #302 #392 #412 Deeper Wizard and Monk changes.
#134 #191 #345 #501 Monk spirit generation.
#136 #158 Build/skill manager for switching between PVP and PVE.
#155 #187 Crafting high level gems takes too long.
#172 #178 #186 Improve crafting/recipes.
#180 #208 #393 More new legendaries.
#194 #230 #308 #455 The mass ID all feature.
#212 #435 Allow us to see more than 5 buff icons at once.
#231 #338 Diamond gem that gives all resist.
#350 #381 #412 #462 Life steal on monks or other classes.

#2 Do you have plans to improve the dueling system to be more sociable & add it in 1.0.7. PTR?
#4 Are you planning to add "choose a side" (blue/red sides) & a simple Scoreboard to the game in this patch?
#5 Why did you choose to just tweak monk skill damage instead of doing an overhaul on monk mechanics?
#5 Do you have any plans to change the set bonuses for Inna's 4 piece set AND the bonus the 3 piece set gives?
#6 Can we get an endless grind/dungeon or an adjustment to monster density?
#7 Are you going to offer different gameplay modes, or at least more content, in the future for Diablo 3?
#8 What changes do you have in mind regarding the re-adjustment of the Monk class in 1.0.7 and beyond?
#9 Why aren't there more changes made to the skills and runes that nobody wants to use?
#11 Will there be a pvp ladder system?
#12 Why is the wizard's buff in this patch so underwhelming? I thought this is the big patch for the wizard?
#13 Any plans for improving 2h weps in general & for wizards specifically to make them competitive with 1h weps?
#14 Why do the new crafting recipes require so much gold & crafting materials & so little infernal essences?
#16 Are there plans to do anything about item duping, items dupes, the people duping items and/or botting?
#17 Please explain why the the team did a full reversal on BoA & what players can expect for the future of BoA in D3.
#18 Could you please explain your reasoning behind making the new crafted rares account bound?
#19 Any plans to create a way to go between acts WITHOUT having to linearly go through each act?
#21 Can we get a chat/lobby with the ability to create a private channel with admin rights?
#21 Can we create our own public games with the names we want?
#22 When can we expect an overhaul in the loot?
#23 Don't you want to include higher minimal roll for stats all across the D3 items in 1.07 update? If not, why?
#24 Are there any plans to make the dueling in D3 more like the dueling in D2?
#25 The Oculus source with reduced teleport cooldown doesn't affect archon. Is this a bug or by design?
#26 Will rubies less than marquise receive buffs? And if not, why won't they?
#27 Are there plans to allow for a WoW-like system of transmogrification so can alter items to look like other items?
#28 Please explain your rationale behind gems? Why add a new tier as opposed to changing/buffing the existing tiers?
#29 Is monk dps good or do u plan to further buff spirit spenders or SW+Cyclone base dam to compensate for this loss?
#30 Can Class and follwers only gear have the stats that are designated for them?
#31 Why did you increase the dmg of spirit spenders, instead of balancing spirit regeneration and monk passive skills?
#33 Does the dev team feel there should be more incentive for PvP?
#34 Do you plan on increasing Monster Density in Act1-2 & 4 because Act3 is the only 1 that is most efficient to farm?
#35 Any plan for a patch in a near future that will focus on fixing all the current Known Issues (and then some...)?
#36 Why were existing rubies not buffed to give more of a linear progression with the Marquise tier ruby?
#36 Are there plans to adjust the weapon bonuses for the 1st 14 tiers of ruby to be more competitive with the emeralds?
#37 Do you have plans to allow us to choose our enemies in the Scorched Chapel (similar to Diablo II's hostile selection)?
#38 Is there any news about making on-kill mechanics like Archon more group friendly?
#39 What will you do take to make the game more rewarding to the players who farm instead flipping items on the AH?
#40 Nothing in the game or user interface that shows that "black weapons" are of higher quality. Isn’t this misleading?
#41 Any plans to do something for crafting price, low affix levels, to improve account-bound crafting?
#42 Any word on a solution for the new duping method? Are the auction house time outs and lag a result of this?
#43 Why does the Marquise have such a huge 5 million cost to remove? Stiff penalty for comparing an AH item.
#44 Can the devs comment on commas, gear lock, saved builds, in-game macros, or any other QoL improvements?
#47 Will the 400% increase of blacksmith & jeweler recipes & plans also include a buff on legendary & set plans as well?
#48 Do you plan to change the disconnection mechanism in general to make Hardcore more attractive?
#50 Any plans for more new crafting recipes, or ability to add sockets or affixes, etc?
#51 Reflect Dam does the damage then Life Steal kicks in. Can this be changed so it just does the "net" damage/healing?
#52 Is there any plan to update the duration of Archon based on group kills vs individual kills?
#54 Are there any plans to fix/improve the Tal Rasha's set bonus?
#55 MonkWhy the dmg tweaks rather than skill mechanics or core functionality & are substantial chnges still on the table?
#56 Are there any plans at all to address itemization in 1.07?
#57 Plans to address FoThunder-Thunderclap, as this has hamstrung diversity in the most fundamental part of any build?
#58 Any hopes to buff Wizard secondary, unitlity or force abilities to be worth the resource cost?
#59 Are you planning to remove movement speed cap in Patch 1.0.7 or the future?
#60 Will Hex be fixed so that it displays damage numbers properly?
#61 Are u going to utilize the so called "snows" & adjust skills which are too powerful in PvP without affecting the PvE?
#66 How does affix production work for crafted items (the probability of one affix being rolled versus another, etc)?
#67 The new ruby is step in right direction. What other changes to gear do you plan?
#71 Dueling will be fun, but is there anymore quests, crafting equipment, increasing drop rates, etc on the way?
#72 Are we going to have shrines in the PvP arenas?
#73 Plans to let Neph Valor persist through disconnects/logoffs as long as you Resume Game at the same spot you left?
#74 Plans to improve any other rare used abilities such as Ice Armor or Wave of Force?
#74 What about improving the majority of the (Wizard?) runes as they aren't considered useful?
#75 Have you considered rolling out patches in small doses rather than major update patches every 2 months?
#76 Old ruby gem tiers were not changed. Was the plan to make only Marquise Rubies an alternative to Emeralds?
#77 For currencies we have items & gold. Any plans to introduce more currencies that aren’t bind on account?
#78 Will you allow us to make 2 vs 2 (party) duels?
#80 Are you really happy with how Spirit Spenders are right now, even with the 1.0.7 buffs?
#81 Are you guys planning on adding a Socket Quest in the 1.0.7 patch?
#82 Which of these proposed new topaz weapon properties makes the most sense to the developers?
#84 What is the point of adding a Marquise Topaz to a weapon? Where is the Thorns buff?
#86 Is it possible for the secondary WoSouls missiles ignore breakable objects? At least when there are enemies around?
#87 Plans to continue improving AH search for Legendary specific affixes in 1.0.7 or in a future patch?
#88 Some of us are not rich. Will the price of the Marquise gems be adjusted, or are they where you want them?
#91 Due to the MP XP bonus increases, will the Hellfire ring XP bonus be increased?
#93 Plans to implement an actual sink for gems, so that they don't end up in a hyper-devalued state like they are now?
#94 Will you allow us to teleport to any act using waypoints like in Diablo 2?
#95 Will you re-evaluate the Tal Rasha set bonus?
#96 Are you considering adding a system which would grant us finer control over affixes on crafted gear?
#98 Can you give us a way to see item comparison numbers in the AH so we don’t have to chat link items?
#99 Are there any plans to further improve gear rolls (so that for example, Barb items can’t roll Int)?
#101 What do you each dislike most/are itching to change about the game in it's current state?
#102 Will you be adding anything to the weapons that will make them more relevant other than dps?
#104 The preview blog said, "constantly changing class skills can do more harm than good". Please explain this rationale.
#105 Any plans to improve legendaries that are considered useless in this patch or in the future, for more diversity?
#106 Why weren’t monk & wizard passives adressed/redesigned, and instead we got skill buffs for both classes?
#109 Any plans to buff the other ruby tiers so that they scale in line with the tier? If not, what is the reasoning behind this?
#110 Can we get a detailed update about how snapshotting has been fixed, so we can know how to use Sweeping Wind?
#111 Any plans to have multiplayer games add to your Magic/Gold Find to add an incentive to play with others?
#112 Have you considered adding some new/more interesting mechanics to Arcane Orb?
#113 Plans for endless dungeon that scales up in difficulty the further you go?
#114 Are you planning some tweaks to make dual wielding Demon Hunters viable?
#117 Any plans to create additional spells, balance old spells, and overall make the Wizard a more enjoyable class?
#118 Are all elemental weps intended to be inferior to physical (black) damage weapons damage-wise and why?
#119 Don’t you think you coud make more changes than only double spirit spenders dmg?
#121 Will you make a way to fastly load it's PvE to PvP skills?
#122 Was it intentional to not buff the current rubies? If so, why is this?
#123 Are there plans to increase the player cap from 4 to say 6 or even 8?
#124 In patch 1.0.7, would you consider making the Jar of Souls survival timer longer on higher Monster Power levels?
#125 Have you thought about adding a Blizzard rune which would allow some damage stacking?
#127 Plans to increase Magic/Gold Find scaling on higher MP levels, to go with the increased XP bonus?
#128 When gear drop is rolled, what’s the base nominal chance (without MF) of a Legendary?
#128 Is this base nominal chance different for different monsters?
#132 Are there plans for an easier way for players to find dueling games?
#133 Why does rend reg health from LoH only on the initial tick & never triggers the fury on crit effect of Into the Fray?
#134 Why did you only increase dmg in a few monk skills instead of changes in passive skills, mantras & spirit generators?
#136 Can you give us skill presets for PVP vs PVE in 1.0.7?
#137 Any further plans for dashing strike, exploding palm essense burn, wave of light explosive light or pillar of ancients?
#138 Is there a reason for only promoting this build diversity (Marquise ruby) in the absolute extreme of the endgame?
#139 Are there plans to let players switch between any waypoints in any act in a party and do custom runs?
#140 Will you lower the prices of the new craftable items, or adjust the affixes so they are worthy of being crafted?
#141 Will you be creating any kind of community based events? No incentive for party play.
#142 How far along are you in making the needed underlying changes to the wizard and monk?
#143 Whats is the plan for monk changes from 1.07 and beyond to make the class more competitive with the others?
#144 Any plan to make the topaz increase attack speed when placed in the weapon slot?
#145 Do you Developers have plans to add some sort of act swapping in game?
#146 Will unique monsters be changed to be more challenging and rewarding?
#149 What about having skill damage be based off of attributes besides weapon damage? Gargantuan based on strength?
#152 Are there any plans to make 2h weapons more attractive?
#153 Are there any plans to make Topaz gems useful in helms and weapons?
#155 Are there any plans to change crafting time on higher gems? Takes 10 minutes to craft a perfect star.
#155 How long will it take to craft a marquise gem starting from flawless squares?
#156 Are you going to implement some sort of basic matchmaking for duels?
#158 Can you make some sort of build manager to easily switch to your PvP build when you want to duel?
#159 Any plans to change legendary drop chances, & could you share the formula of legendary drop chance with MF?
#163 Why not buff rubies in level between perfect square and radiant star?
#164 Are there any plans to adjust crit, ias, crit damage? People are sacrificing huge amounts of raw stats for these 3.
#168 Can we have a new cow-level that has lots of Skeletons and ambushing chaotic Fallen Maniacs?
#170 Why the elite monster (molten) nerfing?
#172 Will we see new refined recipes instead of old useless ones?
#175 Monks have weak passives. Why are there no tweaks in this coming patch aside from NDE?
#178 Do you have plans to improve Crafting beyond what is included in 1.07?
#180 Any plans to make new legendary shields?
#181 Any updates to legendary items that always roll with useless stats? Frostburns, Fury of the Vanished Peak, Diabos.
#182 How about charging a lot of gold (5 mill?) to unbind a BoA crafted item so that we can sell it on the AH?
#184 Why does unsocketing a marquise gem cost 5mil?
#186 Do you have any other plans to further improve crafting as a way to acquire upgrades to your character?
#187 Can we have a craft all button so we can craft high level gems in less time?
#189 Why can we only have 4 players when there are 5 classes?
#191 Any plans to overhaul monk skills? To buff spirit generators (& their runes) so FoT isn't the only viable one at 60?
#191 Any plans to address the fact that monks have less passives than other classes & most aren't viable at 60?
#191 Any changes to the Inna set bonus?
#194 Why are you still resisting an Identify All option?
#196 Any plans on changing the loot itemization of rares/legendaries? Why wasn't this change a top priority for 1.07?
#197 Can we have waypoints across all acts.
#198 Any plans to either rework the Nat set, or add some way to increase the rate of discipline regen?
#201 Is there going to be a bonus besides banner graphics for finishing up the Achievements?
#203 Will there be any changes to the attributes on items to help improve the random rolls?
#204 Will we be able to use our Mercs (followers?) in Multiplayer in 1.07 or later?
#206 Did you think about doing a map editor in Diablo 3?
#208 Will BoA items be more common with future updates? I believe they are required to balance the AH.
#208 Any plans to add MANY new legendaries?
#209 Any plans to give us more XP when we do Mighty Blows, Killing Sprees, or break many objetcs in row?
#210 Is there any additional planned usage for fiery brimstone in 1.0.7? 3 brims for amulet and/or brims in gloves.
#211 Is there any plan to add a Ladder type of system?
#212 Can we please see more than 5 buff icons at once?
#214 Why improve the ruby weapon property and not the weapon properties of the other two gems?
#216 What if anything is being changed in relation to itemization in 1.07? Specifically two handers?
#218 Can level 100 Paragon players get a fourth passive skill slot?
#221 What changes did you want add to this patch that din't make it and are planned for the next patch?
#224 Any plans on adding more +specific skill damage affixs on weps, or leveling up skills with use?
#229 Lobbies, followers in parties, tab space, itemization, AH reliance, custom games, build diversity, match making?
#230 When AH, please show us if our blacksmith or jeweler already knows a plan or design.
#230 Add a function in AH to compare the gear with the ones you have equipped.
#230 Be able to re-link items in chat (like in WoW).
#230 Add option to blacksmith and especially Jeweler "Craft all" (like in WoW)
#230 Make it every buff visible if you have more than 5 and not limited to 5 only
#230 Time stamp option for chat
#230 Notes on friends would be extremely useful (like in WoW)
#230 Remove the interruption effect while casting, that it "Archon" has on "Town Portal" when it ends
#230 Add a "Search" option in auction log
#230 Sound for item drops other than legendaries would be really awesome (like in Diablo 2 )
#230 More tabs for stash
#230 Get the Jeweler in Act 1 closer to the waypoint (maybe next to the healer)
#230 Change the color for "Demonic Essences"
#230 Add a scroll to drop randomly in game with effect "Identify all"
#231 Why no new gems in 1.0.7? Diamonds with all resist please.
#232 Will you give us more than dueling?
#234 Can we get a system to let us upgrade low level legendary items so we can use them in Inferno?
#240 Movement Speed Cap increase?
#240 Travel between acts freely (no quests)?
#240 Ladder system?
#240 Wizard elemental balance (so people will be able to make a fire wiz)?
#240 Open world dueling?
#240 A sort of "transmogrification" system?
#240 Amethyst and Topaz reworks in weapons?
#240 Low level legendaries rolling i61, i62 and i63 stats and dropped in Inferno?
#241 Why did you introduce new crafting recipes & a new crafting material into the game instead of improving drops?
#242 Why did you introduce a new crafting mechanism & material instead of improving the existing crafting system?
#243 Will Archon & Health on Kill be made viable for team play in 1.0.7?
#245 Where's Rune's and runewords?!?
#246 How many people are working on Diablo III development - patches, etc (excluding the expansion)?
#247 Are you aware of fequent TR monk and WW barb disconnects & when will they be addressed?
#252 Why nerf the snapshot buff for monks to cure the weapon/gear swapping "exploit"?
#253 Would you consider changing the new plans from being "archon" to being a part of a new “Demonic” set?
#253 Can plans be class specific? Like strength shoulders that will roll with a barb skill boost.
#255 Is it possible to raise the amount of players in one game passed four? If so, why not do it?
#256 Can we have only class primary stats on class restricted items? Dex on Daibos, Intel on Wands etc.
#257 Why do the new recipes only cover armor and not weapons?
#258 Will the high costs of crafting mats (other than demonic ess) be greatly reduced for both the new & old recipes?
#261 Have you ever considered an autobalancing approach to monster density?
#262 Was D3 a conservative release, did your team released a bare minimum, seemingly solid game to quell the masses?
#263 Are there any plans to add a randomized dungeon type system ala PoE's Loot maps?
#264 Why did the devs didn’t allow travel between acts?
#269 Why craft BoA items when it's quite obvious that the AH will offer comparable items for a fraction of the cost?
#270 Are recipe details already set in stone for 1.0.7, or is the team still able to make adjustments based on PTR input?
#279 Why didn't you guys scale the rest of the ruby gems accordingly?
#282 When will you let us breakdown our garbage Hellfire Rings into either organs or brimstones?
#286 Any chance that Act 4 will be expanded?
#290 Any plan to modify monk & wiz per Blizzard's initial statements on how they want to improve the classes?
#293 Does Blizzard see it as a problem that every class uses the exact same cookie cutter specs?
#302 Are these changes part of a larger plan to improve build diversity for the Wizard?
#302 Can you provide any information on where you intend on going in the long run & how you intend on getting there?
#304 Any plans on making Acts 1-2 and 4 more viable for farming?
#306 Are there plans for an Endless Dungeon in 1.0.7 or the near future?
#308 Why can't we have identify all?
#308 Why do blue and white items drop? What is their purpose?
#308 What can I do with all of the gibbering gemstones and trash Hellfire Rings that I have collected?
#310 Any plans to add interesting properties so that it’s not all about stat+vit+allres? Better itemization.
#311 Please add a section to the website that gives us all the important info about skills and proc rates.
#312 How will you make other wiz/monk skills more attractive & give those classes more skill/passive synergy?
#314 Will you make Topaz gems add critical hit chance (chc) in socketed weapons?
#315 Can you make paragron XP level across all my characters? If not, will there be more incentives to roll alts?
#321 Why are you not making all Acts accessible by waypoints?
#323 Has there been any thought to greatly increasing low level legendary drop rate?
#326 Way point sytem from act to act would be a nice improvement, and more faster run/walk speed.
#330 Are there any plans (either in patch 1.0.7 or the future) to upgrade Diablo 3's Lobby?
#338 Have you guys considered a + resistance gem? As in say combine all 3 to make it.
#342 Will there be a way to switch from act to act without having to play through the story?
#345 Will blizz incorporate some sort of spirit on crit active skill in patch 1.0.7 or future patches to balance the classes?
#348 Any plans to make other wizard builds as powerful as CM/WW or will this remain the staple build for the class?
#350 Why does the barb have life steal in their set belt while the monks do not? Will monks get LS or LOH?
#354 Can we hope to see a more effective synergistic Wizard class in the future or is this as good as it gets ?
#356 Any plans for expanding the endgame, and giving players more to do than grind paragon XP and run ubers?
#359 Why are the Wiz skills designed so poorly when taking into account the mechanics & physics of Inferno gameplay?
#363 Are there any plans to make Tal Rasha's set bonus something more useful? Interesting examples!
#368 Will there be a complete overhaul of these existing Set/Legendary Crafts?
#370 Any plans on improving crafting in future patches to try to rival D2's legendary crafting system, or is 1.0.7 it?
#375 Do you have any plans to make wizard's ranged arsenal more useful?
#381 Would you consider a monk passive that works like "Life steal"?
#382 Do you ever plan on expanding on the "lobby" system for Diablo 3?
#383 Would you consider letting monks spawn with full spirit?
#390 Any plans on how to rebalance Wave of Force, Arc lighting, non-runed skills?
#392 Are the monk/wiz skill changes still coming in future patches, or do the devs view these as all the changes necessary?
#393 Will there be more Legendary items introduced in patches?
#395 Add hidden info (proc, LoH) in Advanced Tooltips so we can view the maximum amount of details for each skill.
#396 Do you still got some aces up your sleeve in the upcoming patches? Something that really changes gameplay?
#399 Any further reworks planned for the Wizard like runes that change an attack’s element?
#401 Why is monk resource generation being avoided so much when it comes to class tweaks?
#403 Do you have any future plans on expanding the depth of character creation beyond coloring armor and naming them?
#403 Are there plans to buff skill runes to be competitive and allow for more varied builds?
#406 Why are the only changes to monks "just number changes?" The one thing you said would not solve the problem?
#409 When will we be able to see in game, the actual damage ranges (crit included) for each of the 6 skills?
#410 Is drastically dropping item stat values on the table at this point? If not, why?
#412 Any plans on giving the monks a balanced/more synergistic skillset along with a LS passive, not a Life per spirit spent passive.
#416 Have you considered testing crazy ideas in the PTR like monks build spirit each time they dodge & barbs dual wielding 2Hers?
#423 Tell us more about the software development process in the Diablo 3 team.
#435 Please allow us to see more than 5 buff icons at once
#436 Is Auction House to equipped character weapon/gear comparison going to be in 1.07?
#437 Are we ever going to see more build diversity in wizards anytime soon?
#437 Can you improve the passives of the other classes so that they are as good as the barb’s passives?
#437 Can amethysts give Life Steal after star level & make topaz give IAS on the weapon slot?
#438 What are the design decisions behind having unidentified items and forcing us spend time to identifying each piece?
#442 Could you guys make more concrete items that we could craft, and that we could actually afford?
#444 Will all the achievements be 100% achievable in 1.0.7?
#446 Why haven’t you increased monster density or let us teleport through waypoints to other Acts yet?
#447 Are there any plans to (or would you consider) making Life Steal more available to other classes?
#448 Why were you originally against the idea of Account-Bound items? Why did you change your minds?
#448 Can you make items purchased on the AH account bound?
#450 In or after 1.0.7 are there any plans to add or tweak any non-OwE passives?
#453 What single monk tweak, buff, or change to a skill are you most excited about & do you believe the community will agree?
#455 Any plans for auto-loot system? Press a chosen hotkey & your char will run over & pick up loot from the ground.
#455 Any plans for adding in a mass ID all feature?
#455 Any plans to create a setting that will let us auto-skip dialog and cutscenes?
#462 Are the plans to allow more classes to get more life steal on their items?
#464 Any plans to let us teleport through waypoints to other Acts?
#464 Why aren’t bosses as challenging and rewarding as they were in Diablo 2?
#465 Would you consider a buff to staves for this patch?
#467 Do you think it's possible to buff the 0.33 spirit generation on Shenlong's and Inna's?
#472 Can you guys just put together a list of issues that are "on the radar" and being worked on?
#474 Does Blizzard plan on reducing the fees for the new item crafting?
#477 Are you planning to buff 2 handers? In which ways?
#478 Would you entertain an option to customize what loot we care to see on the ground? Like no white and blues.
#480 Are there any plans to improve random events/dungeons?
#481 Any plans to implement an item lock for the gear we are wearing?
#482 Any plans to make crafting with white/blue items possible?
#483 Is there a plan to alter the hellfire rings to compensate for the new XP bonuses?
#485 Why bind on account items?
#486 Have you considered a change to monk spirit generation? Would spirit regeneration on dodge be a clever solution?
#487 Why do broken and white gear drop in the game?
#489 Why don't you reduce the spirit cost of some monk spells instead of buffing the damage?
#490 In light of Diablo being a trading game, are there any plans to un-BOA the items which are scheduled to be BOA?
#496 Is there any chance to get two more tabs in stash in 1.0.7?
#499 Any plans for new elite affixes or perhaps more challenging enemies that have more affixes then a regular elite pack?
#501 Can we expect a future patch to address the concerns of monk spirit generation?
#501 Any plans to increase the proc coefficient of Way of the Hundred Fists, or fix the mitigated dmg of Mantra of Retribution?
List of questions that have been answered or resolved by the 1/30 PTR patch notes:

Fully Answered or Resolved:
Radiant Square rubies on up have been adjusted to be in line with the Marquise Ruby.
#26 #36 #76 #109 #122 #163 #279 Old Ruby tiers were not changed.

Hellfire Rings now salvage into Legendary crafting materials
#282 When will you let us breakdown our garbage Hellfire Rings into either organs or brimstones?

Partially Answered or Resolved
The Archon Gloves now require 20 Iridescent Tears (not 50 Exquisite Essences)
The Razorspikes now require 30 Exquisite Essence (not 25 Iridescent Tears)

#41 #140 #258 #474 Reduction of crafting fees.

Hellfire Rings now salvage into Legendary crafting materials
#308 What can I do with all of the gibbering gemstones and trash Hellfire Rings that I have collected?

Archon Spaulders, Gauntlets, Armor & Razorspikes all roll higher primary stat values now.
The Archon Gloves now require 20 Iridescent Tears (not 50 Exquisite Essences)
The Razorspikes now require 30 Exquisite Essence (not 25 Iridescent Tears)

#41 Any plans to do something for crafting price, low affix levels, to improve account-bound crafting?
The only question i didn't like was the one with BoA items, because it's really a simple response. They have BoA items because if they didn't the economy will go to !@#$. Think about it for a second, the only real way to find gear to sell is to farm through the game killing as many mobs as u can, and hoping they drop something good. BoA items are crafted and guaranteed a high value for whichever stat you so desire. Now to find something in the world through farming with just that high single stat roll could take you ages, but thanks to crafting you are getting it for sure, and if these items were sell-able then all those other items with low stat roll would be worthless. As for what BoA items they will have in the future, i can only speculate that they would add the rest of the armor pieces that don't have BoA counterparts as of yet. I hope some of these other questions get answered but it seems like some of those questions in the actual Q&A forum didn't follow the posting rules, lets hope blizz is lenient.
A lot of your questions are easy to answer by the forum community and really are a waste of the Dev's time.

As far as class balancing questions go, well the answer is simple. They don't have the time or money to cater every class to your liking, so they usually half this and double that and are done with it. They're not going to remake every class to satisfy anyone's needs or wants.

All of your crafting questions are pretty much common sense, the reason we have boa items is to create a gold sink, not rocket science.

Dueling system improvements, scoreboard, teams? Wait for death match, this isn't pvp, it's duelling.

Buff monks more? They're already overpowered.

Transmogrification in D3? LOL, they won't even give us legendary dyes, probably because it is not in their budget... You really think they're going to add this feature in a non mmo, highly doubtful.

5m removal fee on marquise gems? Again simple, gold sinkkkkkkkk.

This is only a few, but if you don't have the common sense to answer half of these questions, I don't know what to say.
Here are the duplicates that I found so far:

#5 #29 #31 #55 Monk changes to damage and not mechanics.
#19 #94 Teleporting between acts.
#22 #23 #99 Loot roll related.
#26 #36 #76 #109 #122 all inovlve the fact that the old Ruby tiers were not changed.

Let me know if you see some more or if you don't agree with my dupe groups!

Ha! Dupe groups! :P
I managed to fit all the highly rated questions from the first 6 pages into my first post! I think pages 7 through 12 will now go in my second post.
Got the first 8 pages done. I am finding more duplicate questions now. See the first post for the dupe list.
Good work! Perhaps the CMs could save themselves some work by looking at yours.
nice list ty for doing this OP, but i just literally was like wtf on question 133. Seriously u answered your own question. You say LoH, what does that mean: life on hit. Rend hits what:once. You want to be healed from the full dmg get Life Steal, that gives u hp back from the full dmg u do with rend. As to the on the fray situation, ya that's bull, blizz messed up. (maybe/hopefully that is y this question is highly rated, or the d3 community is full of non-thinkers)
Questions 230 and 240 are going to give me grief with my dupe counting. I think I will have to go back later and label each separate question with a letter. So 230A, 230B etc.
my brains hurt

More cut and paste goodness..................
my brains hurt

More cut and paste goodness..................

Some of these questions can be cut and pasted, but I have to sum up and edit a lot of them so that they are short and sweet.
Okay I have the first 20 pages listed. I am going to take a break and I may or may not finish the last 6 pages tonight. I would like to I think...

Looking at my dupe list (in the first post) so far:

Teleporting between acts is duped the most with 8 questions.
Old Ruby tiers were not changed is second with 7 questions.

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