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The 1st one I took this early morning,the 2nd one I took after came back from school.
It still shows that winning item and expired but I haven't received any item (if i won) or the refund gold (Assume that I lost bid).

I have tried to submit the support ticket but I couldn't find any that matched to it, so I decided make a post. I hope that someone will respond to this. :(
^ Exact same problem, except mine had a buyout price as well. I have a screenshot, I opened a ticket, and as told to wait for transaction to process. For kicks, I tried bidding on top my winning bid price, and this made the bid vanish from the bid screen altogether.

So now there is ZERO record (at least from the game client) of my bid/gold/item/transaction. Luckily, I got a AH ref ID from the live chat person I spoke with, and I'm reopening my ticket to figure out what's going on.
what did u put into the search box ? I only see the Real-Money is available. Also Because it doesn't show in my complete task, so I have no idea about how to get the ID transaction. :(
I have the same problem and don't know what to do....
The same thing just happened to me except it said the current bid was 0 gold. My bid had a 10 second delay then the item never showed up in my completed tab.
seem like the problem is never gonna be solved since they didn't even mind to respond or at least read this post !?! It's kinda sad because this is obviously the bug in-game and they have no intend to fix it(imo). I guess the only thing they care right now is the RMAH which they get most their benefit on it !? Anyway, That is pretty much I assume right now and hopefully I won't spend my 60$ on anything like this in the near future.
Exactly same problem here. Winning bid expired and gold not refunded. Nowhere on customer service page let me submit tickets for in game issues. Diablo is over!!!
02/01/2013 02:24 PMPosted by Omrakos
The AH issues are being worked on but there's no ETA at this time as to when they'll be resolved. That's all the info we have right now. No one has lost items or gold though, transactions are just being delayed much longer than people are accustomed to.

Read the sticky:

"Choose from a list of pre-defined topics", "I have an issue with a purchase or payment.",
Gold Auction House: "My purchase or payment issue is not listed here."
Real Money Auction House: "I have an issue with a Real Money Auction House purchase."

If the ticket team tries to send you anywhere else for support on auction house issues, ask them to escalate your ticket to the appropriate team.

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