Lets bring this awesome feature back into the game. I believe hardcore players should have the selection to duel others to the death. Fellow HC players LETS bump this up!
I agree with you man. Personally i would not duel to death in this game lol i'd never waste 100s of gameplay hours and Millions just to get raped in 1 sec BUT it should definitly be optional and available to evryone. BIG BUMP for a serious HC thread (really rare nowadays)
I respect your option to do this.

nobody said you had to duel to the death with your main Cr0usti :)

nobody said you had to duel to the death with your main Cr0usti :)


I know I know :) but let's face it giving the option is still better than force people. I like having the choice.
How about making permadeath a player specific option. That way 100% of the people would accept a dualing request.
Or make a side deal where if you lose, you go rip?
HC is just that, hard core. From what I'v seen 99% of the people here wouldn't even flinch at permadeath pvp. I suppose an option to toggle on and off would work, as that's better than forcing us to "go soft" for pvp.

It could also essentially change the economy for the better. Low level items will become specifically valuable for low level perma death duelling. Essentially, what that means is that it will cater for low level (normal//nightmare) farming. Which is a great alternative for people that arent quite competant at farming inferno yet but still want to make reasonable amounts of gold.
Im all for a permadeath option. That being said I probly wouldnt use it much if ever myself because after about 5 minutes of dueling on the PTR i came to realize I am the worst pvper in the history of pvp(atleast in D3).
I think having an option to do duel to the death (perm) would be nice. Like someone else had suggested "toggle on and off" type button or something similiar. This way it makes both parties happy.
Low lvl HC dueling in D2 was popular. I admit I was doing that for a while due to sheer boredom and it was a blast. Yes, these were the anything goes public dueling games with cheap kills and thrills. But these free for all's in full games were wild fun. I'd always try to team up with the spear chucker Barbs and Necros, LOL. I wouldn't mind seeing something like that here.
can we please get more bumps on this and lets get a blue to read this?
I can't even find anyone to duel period. Seriously, apparently I'm the only hardcore player in existence on the PTR. Either way, I agree with you. Let's get some permanent death where when you die, all your stuff goes flying everywhere like in d2. Signed.
I also thought about this being a option -signed
That would require 15 minutes of coding from Blizz, stop expecting the moon guys.

On the condition that HC PVP ends with mercy plead option.

The defeated gets the option to go honorably, or to submit a gold/trade offer in order to spare their lives.

The victor gets the option to accept their plead or place the finishing blow.

(edit) Originally I thought there would be an issue with people trying to plead/bargain with people still left alive, but that issue is easily resolved when the pleads are only accepted when a single victor emerges.

If people disconnect while pleading, they die.

If the victor disconnects they survive.
I think it's a good idea if it's optional.

Winner should get all the loser's equipment. Makes it worth putting your life on the line if you get ~10 or so rares/legendaries out of the deal.

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