How to estimate people playing D3

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Saw a thread about how many people playing D3... lots of ridiculous answers.... wrote a semi logical response and now it will be buried so I thought I would post it here.

Feel free to voice your thoughts...


Go to AH and look at your items transaction number. These numbers are sequential and as far as I know go in order of processing.

Look at the gap between 2 recently purchased items and look at the number difference. That is the total number of ah transactions in-between your purchase on just that server alone.

I guess there are far more people playing then those who hang around the forum suspect.

Remember this forum community is like the titanic iceberg. A whole lot of people play the game and don't ever come on here for "visibility"

anyways that's my theory
interesting theory

what if bliz only used certain numbers for each transaction? say, maybe there's a random gap between every transaction?

although not sure if you can measure the absolute number of players, you can figure out the relative size, like if there's x amount of transactions today versus maybe a month later

just some random thoughts

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