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Hello fellow monks! I stopped playing well before the current MP and Paradigm patch, so coming in things have changed...and if they haven't, then I was wrong before and need to be set straight! I made a couple recent changes, but intend to rework everything over the next couple of days. I finished Act III in inferno earlier and plan to complete Act IV tomorrow before moving onto bigger and better things.

My main question is what skills/passives should I be using? I've been able to find current gear guides, but nothing as of yet on skills/passives. In the past I've had things extremely defensive, but I'm now working more offensive like a good boy...or so I'm told. If I'm off my rocker, tell me!

My profile:

For those of you too lazy to look it up...and the rest of you who want to know the unlisted stats, my core stats are as follows:

* DMG: 40,018.93
* CC: 26.5% (32.5 for WoL)
* CD: 131%
* HP: 31,466
* AR: 4260 (58.68%)
* Resit: 512 (63.05%)
* Dodge: 39.6%
* LPS: 298
* MS: 12%

As previously mentioned, I fully intend to revamp my gear. So, any advice you may have towards that would be much appreciated as well. Oh, for those of you hating on my amulet, know I hate it too. I just haven't been able to afford to replace it yet...the corner I stupidly backed myself into! For those of you not knowing what the rest of us know, roughly 1/3 of my hp comes from that one piece.

Anyways, advice appreciated!
u need a lots of chances in your current gear.

More CC. Get it on your ring, and amulet.
More CD. Get it on your rings, amulet, weapon.
If u like 2h build then use skorn. Inna reach sucks. Btw, stack speed attk if u do.
Find a shoulder with higher dex, get a vile ward (180 dex, vit, double res). U cant beat that.
Get Nata 2 pieces for more attk speed, crit, and dex
Chest u can use inna, or tal rasha
Get inna pant for crit and attk speed.
Belt...witching hr. No comment here.

@ Atenolol, I'm working on enough of a budget I can't afford everything you've mentioned yet. I fully realize I need these stats, but acquiring them is a different story.
@ Aldones,
I suggest you hold on for a bit and wait for 1.07 to come out
gears goes with builds that goes with gears if that make any sense to you

alot of ppl are rocking the inna set, duel wielding, and using the cookie cutter build right now but things might change

if you want builds … check this out:

it’s a long read with many many many different builds… but to maximize each build you have to be geared for it

how much gold do you have right now?
This thread has a wealth of information:

In terms of build, what you have is fine. You will want to change the rune on Blinding Flash to Faith in the Light (I believe you can find an explanation in the guides list).

You may at some point get enough sustain where changing the rune on Serentiy to Ascension makes sense. You might also play around with SSS in place of Breath of Heaven when you're no longer dependent on it for the heal (or something else).

In terms of passives, you definitely want to keep StI and OwE. Resolve is the one that you can look to switch in and out, but that's mostly a preference thing. Fleet Footed, Beacon of Ytar, Transcendence, The Guardian's Path, etc.
Thanks everyone

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