1.0.7 is going to be an epic, epic patch

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When I see Blizzard attempting to fix this game....this video comes to mind.


Mostly from Curleys portion.
01/30/2013 01:57 PMPosted by MasterJay

First is your answer but lol

MasterJay! Sup, bud. Remember me?
I'm happy they corrected the risk vs reward issue with MP levels. Everyone was speed farming MP0-1 for items and for xp. The only reason people were doing higher MP levels was for keys/ubers or for a challenge.

I got so sick of doing low level MP runs I just stopped and started doing more challenging and therefore more fun MP levels like 4-7. I find MP8-10 a little slow for my liking. But by doing MP4-7 I was basically penalizing myself which is just dumb considering I'm facing more of a challenge. Glad to see they fixed that and I'll be able to start gaining paragon levels a little faster again like I was doing in MP0-1.

I really could care less about the PvP but it might be kind of fun.

I'm in the same boat. I don't care about pvp too much but it will be nice to farm mp 5-7 while getting keys and demonic essences instead of just having dedicated key runs. Also public mp is welcomed.
1.0.7 is the reason I have decided to take a long hiatus from this game
01/30/2013 02:27 PMPosted by Baconan
1.0.7 is the reason I have decided to take a long hiatus from this game

So you can come back when the patch comes out and enjoy the awesomeness? No more MP2 Alkaizer runs for me, goin MP10 baby.
[quote][quote]Go CM/WW and you can steamroll MP10 easily.

It's not easy for a cm/ww to steamroll mp10 unless you invested a ton of money in your gear. It's a highly capable build though.
This will bring more people back to D3 in a rush than patch 1.10 did for Diablo 2. And 1.10 brought a TON of people back to D2. Well Patch 1.0.7 for d3 is going to be bigger.

God I just can't wait.. we'll actually be able to sell mediocre gear again! And we'll have plenty of people to compete against and it's going to make the game more popular and well loved and we'll have dueling and trading and crafting and farming and

I'm excited

Wow Paz...quite the change of heart. I can't believe the turnaround! You sound way more positive then I have ever seen in any of your other posts lol!

Glad to see you back!
Not sure if the patch will bring anyone back.

I don't even play much anymore.

There's nothing to do once you realize you log-on.

Finding gear on AH is funner than playing the game its pretty bad.

Been playing alot of PoE.

If Archon armor and self craft doesn't require me to spend 100000 hours farming for gold, 100000 farming for components just so i can fail roll trash vendor items then maybe.

Not to mention 10000 hours of farming just for that 1-mediocre or perhaps maybe hit the jackpot while playing lottery, then maybe.
You guys know that part in Dark Knight Rises where Bane says "That's a lovely, lovely voice."

You have to read this topic title in that voice. Then you can share my excitement.
this is sarcasm, right?

cuz if not, $5 to u sir.

but what would make u think so?
Wow, haven't heard one of the $5 cracks in a long time. You must be running out of material, troll.
You guys know that part in Dark Knight Rises where Bane says "That's a lovely, lovely voice."

You have to read this topic title in that voice. Then you can share my excitement.

Wow Paz...lmao...amazing what a little DPS can do for your happiness right?

Just 5 days ago you created a topic that said you were going to quit...now you are revitalized.


LMFAO...this thread is priceless.
i convince myself for couple of month that blizzard might do something about this game

and now playing POE didn't want to quit diablo 3 but i dont find any good reason to repeat act 3

or killing multiple time keywarden yeah its great to grind all days but again.... not really what

im looking for just no replay value 1.07 might be fun for a couple day if i still have some friends

on my list playing.
How can you play POE? It's so bad.
What is exactly exciting you?
the major thing in this patch - pvp, but this will be boring in 1-2 weeks, 'cause most people expected Hostility toggle in open maps for pvp instead of isolated location.

I think the bigger issue here will be balance. Plain and simple

People can repeat this mantra as often as they want that Diablo is not about balance and just PvE. I love PvE and I dont care about PvP or Duelling. But it HAS TO BE at least SOMEWHAT balanced or it will simply become a boring one-shoot fest or a game where everyone will go with the most powerfull character. How long can Dueling be fun if like lets say 70% of the PvP people out there would be monks? Or DHs? Or what ever the "best" PvP build would be.

Remember, Blizz didnt released PvP because their testers loost interest in it!
How can you play POE? It's so bad.

Paz...please stop ignoring me. lol I want to know why the change of heart. I'm happy for you...but just wondering. Your barb looks great! Good job on the re-gear. :)

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