1.0.7 is going to be an epic, epic patch

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Dont understand how a post like this can go on this long, but when I make a post about something serious, it gets deleted in 20 mins =(
Hi Blizzard! I complain, because the way u guys set up the healt potion is really bad! Im not the best player, but i like to play on hardcore mode, so when im close to die, i cant use more then one potion at the time, i have to wait like 30 second for the next potion! TP to town, lets say for a quick run away to town takes about 10 second! Exit or quicly leave the game takes 10 second! So what i mean there is no run away time , if i get a hole bunch of monsters around me! From diablo hellfire, we were allowed to use as many potion we wanted, we have to enjoy the game, u guys are ridiculous.Whoever had this idea to set the potion this way, its really on idiot ! I hope u guys change this also, in new patch!!
Well I'm glad your Demon Hunter is still alive.

I see where your coming from but this is a fundamental change in D3 and I agree with it despite also having a hard time with it. The idea is that the monsters don't need to be as tough and do as much damage and the game is still a real challenge. Monsters don't need to one shot you anymore and so the challenge becomes funner and heal spells are more needed without massive life leech or extreme DPS. I prefer that over insanely difficult monsters that hit really hard like in Diablo 2 or Torchlight 2 Elite mode but you spam heal all day. I actually find the old way much more boring. Titan Quest did it the way D3 does as well though I believe it's cooldown wasn't as extreme. It makes the battles more worth fighting and adds depth to the game.

Instead of playing hardcore I did softcore MP10 with my first character (Monk) when 1.05 hit (and no AH). That was very hard. No risk of starting over but it took forever without shared items. To me that is harder than hardcore and more rewarding. But some people love the adrenaline rush of hardcore which I certainly respect, all the more power to them (until the guy is dead). Then dying is a non issue but the game is still challenging.

Don't complain about potions because you play HC when they fixed all those silly HC issues in D2 for D3. You can't exploit to stay alive like turning off your machine or saving and exiting. No quick TP, nothing. It's real HC. Just lag is the issue now, which of course is worse than most issues in D2 (even in D2 if you got stuck you could usually still TP).

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