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I'm going to proceed to put this in a very short simple process in which even the dumbest people on here can understand. This method is good for a lazy day and you're not feeling the tedious farming.

Step 1. Go to the AH
Step 2. Find a Legendary that you are familiar with
Step 3. Hit the time left button and see the auctions that are ending shortly
Step 4. Find one that has a starting price of how much it actually sells for at the vendor or something close to it
Step 5. When the has under a minute before the auction ends ( close to about 10 seconds ) bid on it and you'll win it.
Step 6. Sell the item for like 1m-5m. Trust me, someone will buy it.
Step 7. $
01/30/2013 04:02 PMPosted by ncG8RforLIFE

desperate attempt to stimulate the market?
thanks for the tutorial on AH flipping..

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