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Well i cant complete the Shen achievement because blizz took out the Victory talk with Shen but not from his achievement, and an item of mine dissapeared in the AH, no gold from it, no it returning because it was unsold. so i just want to know where it went and how i can get it back
01/31/2013 08:10 PMPosted by Omrakos
I'd expect anything you find "wonky" with the AH right now is related to the recent issues we've been experiencing. Once they've resolved those, I'd also expect it'll all settle back into normalcy.

01/31/2013 08:10 PMPosted by Omrakos
Through all these issues though, I've not seen a single case of someone actually losing any gold or items. They're just taking longer to arrive than what people have come to expect.

Read the sticky:

"Choose from a list of pre-defined topics", "I have an issue with a purchase or payment.",
Gold Auction House: "My purchase or payment issue is not listed here."
Real Money Auction House: "I have an issue with a Real Money Auction House purchase."

If the ticket team tries to send you anywhere else for support on auction house issues, ask them to escalate your ticket to the appropriate team.

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