What heavenly aspect would you represent?

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Valor, Justice, Hope, Fate, and Wisdom. The Angiris Council rules over the High Heavens, and each archangel is said to represent one of the chief virtues of Anu.

For this week's community question, we want to know – If given the chance to join the Angiris Council -- which heavenly aspect would you represent? Would you stand for valor in the face of adversity? Would you radiate hope amidst a darkening and uncertain future? Or would you perhaps embody a new aspect entirely?

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01/30/2013 01:21 PMPosted by FigsBROSTORM
Anyone still playing must be the embodiment of Hope.

This is hilarious. +1
crit chance
Wisdom cause I am so smrt
Beezulbub: Aspect of Bad Luck
I would make my own Vaelflare. And that would be Prudence.

However I wouldn't side with any of the angels or demons. It would be for the human race. If I could convince Zolton Kulle to be on my side, then I would have it so. He didn't deserve such a fate, to be betrayed again. Even though He did horrible acts, the outcome would have been not better or worse, but fair, released from the chain like hope and fate.
I'd go with Wisdom.

Long story short, had a long, problematic life, learnt a LOT.
See things in ways other people dont...

Wisdom it is.

or Fate? Fate could be interesting to be. Timeless.
Fate: Of all the things to be in control of this one is most powerful :D
01/30/2013 01:21 PMPosted by FigsBROSTORM
Anyone still playing must be the embodiment of Hope.

+1 for truth.
Focus guys and girls.

Stay on Topic.
Aspect of ill fortune/bad luck (10 runs at paragon 91 without legendary is common for me)

Aspect of Hope (for still playing this game...)
I would go with justice.. it's always been important to me. People have to be held accountable for their actions, and everyone should be treated equally. The wicked should be punished, and the innocent should be protected.

And those who have played Diablo 3 for over one thousand hours should have all the best gear... that's justice.
01/30/2013 01:20 PMPosted by papadanko

Still hoping to make it big myself instead of getting hand me downs from friends.
these polls are beyond meaningless
Can you fix the AH already! enough with the lag already!

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