What heavenly aspect would you represent?

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uhhh aspect of....hamburgers
LOL! where did the best post go????
I could not care less about the Angiris council. It's about as fluffy and necessary as two months worth of explosive diarrhea. It's insulting that such a question should be asked in the first place - back to work, code monkeys, and don't come back until you D2fyed D3 properly!

I'm quick to condemn others in ignorance and I do not care to listen to any other voice that doesn't echo my own opinions.
01/31/2013 08:26 AMPosted by Hypersonic
Anyone still playing must be the embodiment of Hope.

That burns.

Wow. Worked.

I'd go with the Embodiment of Deckard Cain and spend the entire day encouraging wanderers to "Schtay a hwhile and listen!".

Watch for Deckard Cain to be an Angel in the expansion, for it to seem like a great idea at first, then for it to end up being the worst. idea. ever.
The AXE effect.

Do you smell ell ell ellla what Maghda is cooking?!?!?!
[ r ]
Valor, Justice, Hope, Fate, and Wisdom. The Angiris Council rules over the High Heavens, and each archangel is said to represent one of the chief virtues of Anu.

For this week's community question, we want to know – If given the chance to join the Angiris Council -- which heavenly aspect would you represent? Would you stand for valor in the face of adversity? Would you radiate hope amidst a darkening and uncertain future? Or would you perhaps embody a new aspect entirely?

Leave a comment below to let us know, or chime in on [url="http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151232223411641&set=a.213243671640.137416.157102206640&type=1"]Facebook[/url] or [url="https://twitter.com/Diablo/status/296431074408542209"]Twitter[/url]!

Wisdom.. No if we had Wisdom we would have quit long ago.
Justice.. There is no Justice in RNG.
Fate.. There is no Fate in RNG either.
Valor.. I haven't see any of this around here.
Hope.. Hope is all that is left. Our Hope is in the hands of RNG and for many those hands are rather shaky at best.
These polls are so pointless....

This is not what we meant by 'keeping in touch with the playerbase'.
These polls are so pointless....

This is not what we meant by 'keeping in touch with the playerbase'.

I agree, however... a community manager is probably not a game developer. It is not like this is time where he could be programming to improve the game. So who cares if they have a little fun on the forums?
It's nearly a tie for me between Justice and Hope. But I know the Nephalem side would get the better of me, so... Justice.
Justice, so I could smack Imperius when he gets out of line.
hope, has to get better at some point. at least i keep telling myself that
I'll go with Virtue!
Moral excellence can bring about valorous deeds and give one a honorable fate. One is not blinded by justice or the rules governing law, so one could say a sense of wisdom is derived.
I would take justice, cause it seems to be a empty chair now.
pain and shame
+1 to this bump it idc this needs attention

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