What heavenly aspect would you represent?

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I would become Archangel of Justice.
That or Archangel of Trollbane.

I´m still not going to use AH to buy something. And that wall seems much softer after hitting it with my head so much.

as in "this game does not serve justice to the previous ones"
The one that fixes the loot in this game.
Hope. Looking forward to 1.0.7 and beyond.
Major in Wisdom with a minor in Justice, I think.
On a related note, people above saying "Satanic" could use a grammar lesson.
Fate might be interesting, but Wisdom would be the best.

Though I do agree that we'd most likely have to be Hope since we're still here.
How about empathy, the defining human quality?
Boring post.

I just hope ill be rich someday without having to use the RMAH!!

ill not unlock that monster from its basement!!! ever...
fate or wisdom. I'm very intuitive.
Wisdom because Malthael has my personality.
Peace XD
01/30/2013 01:21 PMPosted by FigsBROSTORM
Anyone still playing must be the embodiment of Hope.

Mad truth LMAO

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