Multiple dupes in the AH

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Do a search of end game amulet "high born sweep": crit chance 10%, attack speed 9%, crit dmg 81%, avg dmg of 40. There's 3 ammies of same name "high born sweep" and that same ammie has been appearing in the AH for the past week. The chance of 4 perfect rolls on crit chance, attack speed, avg dmg, crit dmg is around like 1 in a million.

The same thing goes for the end game ring, "eternity insult":
crit chance 6, attack speed 9, crit dmg 31, avg dmg of 40.

It has been on the AH repeatedly for the past week with a low starting bid. (No one will in right mind buy out a ring for 200 million and resell an hour later with 0 starting bid for multiple days).

Can someone comment about this?
ya il comment ... who cares
Why are you playing investigation in AH instead of grinding for items?

Is it more fun?
because if there were dupers, they would only make 3 copies.

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