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The client automatically logged me into EU server, and it wasn't till level 40 or so that I realised. As I don't have many friends that play the game I wasn't too fussed, but recently a couple started playing and it sucks not being able to play with them. Is there a way to transfer characters or anything?
I did believe that, with Global Play, it would be possibly, however I still can't add or communicate them, unless I log in to the Americas.. Which, my highest character is about level 10, so too low to play with them anyway, I basically have to start all over.
Also, all my achievements and stuff are EU only, why aren't they universal? Hate having lost about 2000AP because of being logged into the wrong realm the first time I played.

Is there a way of transferring all my progress to the Americas?

Searched around a bit and couldn't find out whether there was or wasn't, or whether a feature is coming out or what.
Why can't we transfer our character for a fee like players can in World of Warcraft?

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