Just lvled my Wiz

Just got him too lvl 60 and bought some gear spent right around 10m on the gear. Except the belt... havent bought a new one yet. Any thoughts or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
witching hour with Resist all, armor, int and vit or strenght
by the way i realise your stormcrow doesnt have CC, probably u shld get one to make things work out better, armor is slightly low, well first priorty is to get your build working, strenghten your defense and worried for damage later. Most ppl upgrade their gear every now and then and then, eg: for me i have different types of gears to play ard with, eventually it takes times to perfect your own gears... well i'm new in this game too and i posted the link in which will guide u through wat u need to know rather than listening to my confusing words lol... good luck

Thanksfor the info.. yeah witching hour is gonna have to wait dont have the fund for one right now. same for Stormcrow with cc but its good to have something to aim for.

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