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I was thinking of starting up D3 again but I've been reading a lot of things about Aussies getting terrible lag lately. I was wondering which region/server is closest to Australia, Asia or Americas? And of these two which one will yield the best latency.
Honestly it changes on a case by case depending on your physical location and your ISP.

Distancewise Asia is closer, but due to a lot of internet routing people get a better ping on the US servers hence why it is 'recommended' for ANZ to play on US.

Best bet is not to listen to anyone and try both for yourself, can easily make a hero on both and just check which gives you a better ping before doing any serious lvling.
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Thanks for the quick reply. My ISP is TPG (from what I've heard they aren't the best) and I live in Victoria if that helps and I would have tested both regions to see which one has the better connection but I can't log onto Americas unfortunately due to error 14404. I could get onto Asia though and the connection was pretty good. Once I can access Americas again I'll do a proper comparison.
you would think WA would get better ping to asia and eastern states would get better ping to US.

I tried playing on asia though back in june (im in WA) and I stopped playing because the server kept crashing and rolling back every 30 minutes.. this was during some duping crisis though i believe, but i havent gone back since.. it might be better now but ive invested to much time on US servers now.
Well I still can't get onto Americas but on average I'm getting a latency of 200-300 while playing on Asia how does this compare to what Australians usually get from the US server?
it fluctuates up and down constantly, sometimes its so bad i dont know my character is dead until the lag is over!

btw I'm in Melb so it cant be because of the floods.
and ive got a 30mbps cable connection with telstra.
Its not just me. my friends have been having the same issue.

would be good to understand the cause.
I'm in Sydney and normally get around 200ping
Im in Sydney works out fine for me
Lagging is frequent, true. But in d states its the same thing, its just the server...
there has always been a little lag here and there.

ITS JUST REALLY BAD NOW...maybe things will be better once they finish testing 1.07
At the moment there is a better choice for Australian players. Try Diablo 2... Is the best game I have played in my life.... And now I just know this server which is still running a NO CHEAT DIABLO 2 Lord of Destruction Closed realm server for Australia and New Zealand.

There are few players playing everyday and my friend seriosly won cash there LOL. Anyway ...

Give it a try with Diablo 2 Sydney Server... D2 LOD is a better game anyway :D

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