CM Wiz Looking Next Upgrade

I need help in finding my next upgrade. Kind of hit a wall.
I can do 107k dps without any skills boosting it.
I've hit the 2.73 breakpoint...but in doing so I lost a lot of RA(switching to the lacuni prowlers)

Ive got about 70 mil to work with...

Any help appreciated thanks
I think you need to work on mitigation. A clear upgrade would be to your WH, adding armor and some AR.

Edit: This is taking into account having 70M.
You could just use a really good mempo instead of storm crow. I would say also replace you ammy for a tals allegiance with whatever spec you want, seeing how you're a cm i would reccomend getting it with cold damage. 10 apoc is good enough if you can also increase CC% so that will all make up for the loss of storm crow. you can check out what I did with my wiz.
I cant agree with you more, I can afford one with RA and INT as well, but the problem is you lose out on the CD which I have very little of as it is, not to mention the drop in AS from 9% to 8% which isn't a lot and I would still be above the breakpoint.
From what I have seen on the AH, I could afford a WH with 30-40 RA, do you think that is worth it?
I would do it.
The problem with the storm crow is I lose all my LOH if I switch that out, and unfortunately since I couldn't get RA on my main gear I had to resort to wasting a stat on the jewelry which I can't afford to lose since Im so low already

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