pvp and min dmg u should have?

well, i mentioned in another thread - and i allready thought so - that my damage is too low (180k).
i finally had the chance to duel on of the (more) top barbs.
--> http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/hulahooligan-2649/HULAHOOLIGAN/16531330

matches were boring as hell (my 3800life reg and his high life + passive skill life reg).
he just won all of the matches due the fact i couldnt kill him :P
when i switched a couple of skills to a bit more dmg variation (glass cannon, other items) ive seen his life go down more rapdily (and mine aswell). but he had the 2% life reg from his passive, which was enough to stay alive forever.

as i said, he had "a hard time" to kill me aswell - match durations were like 2-3+ mins, and it seemed to me that he only could kill me with a crit rend, when my mirrior images were on cd.

another thing i figured out - my 94-96% reduction were too high (or his 105k dmg too low ^^)!!
illusionst didnt proc very often - which in the end ... killed me, due my on-cd-mirror-images.

funny thing is, that his "ehp" wasnt THAT much better than mine.
(his unbuffed is >1mil ... mine unbuffed is 370k)

any ideas how and where i should get more dmg?
--> http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/mokkal-2362/MoKKaL/10603905

f*ck dodge (1000 dex) and get more crit/crit dmg?
get a 30% soj (for the litany)?

thx in advance
dont know what build ur doing but if its sa based, which it probably shoould, get a high dps skorn, theyre cheap now days. man does sa hit hard now.

u want the high av damage as most of the spells we use in pvp are based on it and we really dont make much use of fast weapons as we are constantly kiting so its better that they hit hard. That actually solved my high ehp barb issues. It still takes time but you can actually kill them. I was running with just 135k dps with 40% to elites, so thats just like 190k paper dps against them.
wanna go with this skill build

im on 260k paper dps now - but with just 1,33 aps ... attack animation is awful, but we will see :)
also hope the new damage is noticeable (!) higher compared to 180k dps with ~2,5 aps ^^

losing like 500 lreg and a bit of ehp - maybe illusionst procs more often then aswell :)

just waiting to get that skorn + soj onto the ptr to test things out!
force armour? really? most of what kills us is rend haunt and impale, all dots. fa does little against this. and ur loosing on our only op skill, try thunderstorm man.

also blizzard and sa will benefit a ton from skorn when u copy it over.

another thing, calamity is nice but ur loosing fractures synergy with mocking demise and are u really tping into a barb? most likely away.

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