ah lag and sniping auctions

how are u guys pullin this off nowadays, 15s before end time?

also i bid on an item so i could track the price and my low bid somehow max bidded the auction on some poor unfortunate soul
My brother and I still do our standard sniping approach of 5-10s before the auction ends. I had a "close call" on Sunday with my new Chant's Force, but I still won the auction and it was delivered within 24 hours. My understanding is that the lag I've seen doesn't appear to impact when your bid enters the system, only that you might not see the auction get processed immediately (so you won't know if you won or lost). As a seller, my brother recently had a radiant star emerald that took over 24 hours before he saw any gold, despite getting an earlier message that someone had bought it.
you think that's bad?? earlier when i was sniping for something, AH lagged on me big time and before it lagged, it was already <1m

by lag i mean empty screen with that annoying circular motion fire icon thingy going on and i haven't even put my bid in yet

i won it eventually but can you imagine that? :(

i still do standard whatever i do to snipe
yeah i actually sniped and item and got 13 copies of it after i bought.
01/31/2013 12:42 PMPosted by s8a8i14
yeah i actually sniped and item and got 13 copies of it after i bought.

wat? This would mean blizz's AH is doing the duping.
no aims, it's the the auction log that's the copy. i got those too. says tons of complete for one item

not the item itself
01/31/2013 12:42 PMPosted by s8a8i14
yeah i actually sniped and item and got 13 copies of it after i bought.

Really I got 14 copies
Picha, I've had the same thing happen to me too on my log. I can also duplicate that if I rapidly click the "Show More Items" tab and it then "duplicates" items in the log history.
i do hope it wasn't the log that 'duplicates' could use some serious flippin myself
I couldn't even get my log to show when i was online last night. Wanted to look up a item i sold in the past and nothing. Totally blank. I'm not selling or buying till AH is repaired. Too risky imo from stories i've heard.
tekkzero: could the same thing that happened to ur brother happen to items that dont sell also?
i sure hope so i just had some items not sell last night but they still aint in my stash
that makes two of us i have some inna pants that either sold or didnt. i could use the gold for new cm stuff or make a monk quickly
@bda145/SteelPhantom: Unfortunately I can't assure you of anything, but my brother did have a hairy period of 24hrs in which he was out 25mil gold. He did get the message that the gem had sold, but nothing happened after that. In his case, he got a message in his item log that it was processing. However, it eventually processed and showed up.

In the case of my item that I was buying on Sunday, I didn't see anything at all until it processed. And I asked a Blizzard reprensative within 15min that the bid ended about and she told me that she could see that I had won the bid; however, it was stuck in processing. The item eventually showed up within 24 hours. Hopefully that happens to you both and you get happy endings like we did.
It's a hit and miss for me. I do the same and place a bid nearing the end of the timer. Sometimes it's stuck processing the bid eventhough the time runs out. There are a few times where it was stuck processing and it didn't say if I won or not. 4 hours later the item appeared. Other times it's stuck processing and I got nothing.

I've also noticed that I'm not selling items as quickly as a few weeks ago. Maybe it's people playing the PTR or maybe people avoiding the ah. It's been slow.

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