End game wizard build

Is there a way to get an end game build for wizard with better survivability and, at least, one that don't need hitting keyboard like crazy... Like the superhuman BARB can do! It's cool freezing monster all around using CM, and throwing tornadoes on monsters, but what about the survivability of my keyboard?:p Barb end game build seems more attractive for last MP level
Lol. you just copied your post from the PTR update overhere.
But no. there is not. Bliz sucks at making Wizards kiting builds possible at higher mp's
Archon for low MP.
He he, sorry, it's because when i posted it, i could not see it, even if I looked all post i made under my account. A posting delay perhaps.

Humm, it's a bad news for Wizard :'(
Yah I use Archon for low MP but it's nothing glorious compare what barb can do at MP 10!

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