Is there no reason to use oculus?

So I found:

i was really excited and like omg maybe il start playing my wizard again but then i did some searching etc and it appears that everyone is using chantodos force or triumvirate.

I thought the bonus vs elites at 6% was nice but then wouldnt an equal triumvirate give like an extra 15% instead? and then chantodos force has ias which a lot of wizzies like...

so basically my question is: is there any reason to use an oculus at all? and if not, why would blizzard make the level 63 source worse than the lvl 62 :(
Actually that oculus is not bad. There is a blizzard build that is the fastest exp build for wizards. Extended blizzard time and reduced teleport is perfect for this build.

Further blizzard is receiving a huge buff in 1.07.

So yeah your source IS useful.

Here is a link to the build
well actually i asking about high end gearing and maximizing dps for mp10/pvp.

however, its good to know that the source is at least somewhat useful, thanks!
Oculus isn't going to be for any of the end game specs
occy is for niche builds like jellz mentioned
i picked up a meteor occy for meteor farming, but yeah its not in a lot of high end specs unless
ur running an os sloraks with et bonus i guess
I ran a sloraks/oculus Cm/WW build in MP10 @2.5as

Viable. And easily as much DPS as my Chantodo sets CM/WW. The extra CD from sloraks and 6% elites from the Oculous seems to add alot more effective dps than my 3as Chants set. But you lose freeze str a bit.

Just requires you to use a Apoc Hem/Source. (To be effective)
Underrated as hell. however Unless it has like 350+ dmg its not worth so much to end game wizzies cos <300 damage other sources do more damage. Then it needs right nitch like -5 meteors or blades and high elites.

I have one, I use it, and I love the reduces teleport cooldown as I run a hybrid archon/bliz forked lightning build (it's fun to me and the game to me is more about fun then "flavor of the month"). It does have increased Arcane Orb crit which I wish it didn't...I would have liked it with the blizzard buff instead.

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