Fix The AH Lag!!!!!!!!!!!

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I've had enough of this garbage!!!
All the bids are going haywire. Just now tried to bit a Ice Climber, which had a last bid around 57M, as soon as i bid, AH threw an message saying there is 'high system load...blah blah' and made the ice climber bidding value to 0. WTF?

Come on guys, yesterday there was urgent maintenance, was this not fixed yet?

Bring the damn AH down to have a permanent fix!

AH been laggy as hell for a week in a half. I get blizz has a lot on their plate but this is getting ridic.
I've been noticing AH has gone wonkie for about 2wks. It's annoying that's for sure!
Agreed. I still have 2 items unresolved after 2 days delay. One I sold, the other I attempted to buy. I'm concerned it's a lost cause as there is no mention of said items in my auction log. There's not even a mechanism to inquire of Blizzard about the items that disappeared.
As usual not a peep out of Blizz about it...
In the evenings i usually time-out when i try to post bids or items. When it does go through i have to wait for 'Authentication'. So a process that was instantaneous in the past now takes about 2 minutes and doesn't work half the time.

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