Shields should be 100% damage negation... :)

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In inferno, the shield ends up being about a 4k damage block when used which negates most damage.

In pvp, it is placebo and does nothing against a crit. If shields blocked 100% against crits they would be valuable and provide an option to be used in pvp.

in pvm they help you create a solid tank against 30% of the hits that come your way, 50% if you have certain gear.

Right now we have an issue pre-pvp with build diversity and gear diversity, it is not what was envisioned a year ago with the "thousands of options". However adding shields as a guaranteed block would help create diversity in play styles in both pvm and pvp.

2 WD passives = 25% damage reduction
shield = 32% chance of 4k reduction
gear set + items = 30% reduction against elites
resist = 600+
armor = 4000+
= same amount of defense vs a crit as without the shield.

a 100k hit vs 96k hit is nothing because the next hit is death. the other 2 hits would of landed for 100kdps anyway. at least with 30%-50% block rate (all geared out) you would have 30-50% of negating the critical damage 100%.

this game has become speed + crit + stat, there isn't any diversity and it hasn't been addressed in the QA or the recent small patches.
Shield block is taken after mitigation, so if you tank out enough shields can block all the incoming damage.

example a single hit of 100,000 damage, minus 95k for 95% mitigation(various sources), 5k of shield block = 0 damage, boom useful shield.

for that same shield to be useful vs a single hit of 1,000,000 damage you need 99.5% mitigation. And yes you can achieve that with top end defensive gear.

If you like ehp, think of it as eba(effective block amount) if you have 95% mitigation you can effectively block 20X the value the shield shows, if 99.5% eba is 200X the value on the shield.
give me a real world example for someone with under 100mil to do that. can you put it in context for me?

i really wanted a defense build and it just doesnt seem like it works.
02/01/2013 07:40 AMPosted by JRoeGun
give me a real world example for someone with under 100mil to do that. can you put it in context for me?

Find me someone who can reliably crit for 1mil using a 100mil gearset :)

If you're beat by someone with straight up better gear than you, sorry, but that's the way it goes.

Shields may need some minor tweaks to be worth the damage loss (they already cover stat loss with being able to roll crit%), but nowhere near anything as drastic as a straight 100% damage reduction.
block a speeding car with a shield, dodge a speeding car.
block lessen the damage depend on what u block with, dodge take no damage.
that's the different
02/01/2013 07:34 AMPosted by DeadLegacy
Shield block is taken after mitigation, so if you tank out enough shields can block all the incoming damage.

Pretty much. Only thing I think would maybe be having some more variety in shields. and there affixes even amount blocked. Something to rival a Stormshield is really needed. So there can be more build diversity and maybe even classes like a DH, WD, or Wizz wanting to use a shield id love to see.

Maybe a shield like the Tower Shield in d2.
Have it be a set shield with.

50-100dmg added.
4500-7000dmg blocked
4 random stats
Melee and ranged reductions 8%
socket. chance to roll ( 2 sockets) like manti- Make it Unique

This shield I just put together gave me goose bumps. Why there isn't more selection at end gear for shields hinders build diversity. This shield has everything you would want and from a dps perspective with the added damage a wiz, or WD might consider it for there build. This would be awesome. Along with hi block and more blocked could really benefit the game.
Free bump. and I like my idea so I made a thread thanks for shedding light on a item variety Jroegun.

link here.
I love my shield.
Shields are alright, right now. It's only that there aren't a lot of shields you can use. It would also be nice to increase the block amount through other items, like you can increase the block chance.
joren thats a good idea, increase block amount would be worth while.

there are too many prefixes already ignored. wow 100+ bleed damage = garbage.

they really need a massive patch not the small patches they call massive when they are really focused niche patches with a few buffs or nerfs to 1-2 skill runes.

thanks guys for the feedback. i just want more diversity as promised by the devs in alpha/beta. instead we will see the same cookie cutter skills + the same ultra gear sets vs same cookie cutter skills + "sorry i didnt get 500mil" = the ultra gear less skill player always wins.

i keep ranting:

not sure why i still want to love this game if it drives me nuts so bad! probably because the game i envisioned in beta was going to be 100x better:(

it could still be better but not with 3 devs and 5 marketing department posters working on it.
:) if your having trouble with pvp I would suggest tanking your monk up. might take a month to do it cheap, but give him a 1500 armor storm shield, 4 piece blackthorn set, litany ring, make sure you stack one resist (Id go physical) and get 70+all ress/+armor on all gear(with maybe the exception of jousting mail which is insanely expensive), some + str for the bonus armor it offers, could hit 1600 all ress with OWE, and 12k armor, 25% elite reduction too + whatever melee/ranged you manage to squeeze in... that's fairly tank. get an on hit life/cd amulet, pump dex some regen. could get very hard to kill.

damage Id go for a sun keeper, CD + socket + 10vs elites,

But it all costs gold, less then 100 mil for sure but youll have to shop around and never compromise on defensive stats and the shopping around takes time.

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