Re-geared and ready...

Witch Doctor
Well I took your advice from my last post and updated my gear. My question now is how much DPS do I need to run MP4 comfortably?

I really just want you guys to take another look and give me some more expert opinions on where to go next. My DPS is sitting at 105k with pierce the veil, and I am farming MP1 with no problems... just not sure what to focus on next. DPS or more survivability for the higher MPs?

EDIT: Notice armory hasn't updated with my new Zuni chest/helmet yet so hopefully it will catch up shortly.
Grab some Zuni boots, and you need about another 1k Armour.
Just log in and out to update the armory :)
Ok logged out and back in, and it is now updated properly.

I plan on picking up some Zuni boots, but going to have to save up since replacements for the ones I currently have are going to be EXPENSIVE!

Also going to buy a new Zuni helm when I have the funds, and increase the armor and resistances.

I just played through Act III on MP2 , and I really feel much beefier than I did before.

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