Ragnarok the Demon Hunter, lvl60p10. You will be missed.

Thanks to Reaper and ChillBill for all the help you guys gave me along the way.

I think I'll be rolling a monk this time around.

02/03/2013 08:08 AMPosted by Bowtye
how did you go down? DH's are unforgiving in HC. Good luck on your monk

Tower of the Damned level 1 came onto a phase beast rare spawn right at the waypoint. Knockback, Molten, Arcane, and something else I forgot now. Got knocked back several times in a row, vaulted to the waypoint, had phase beasts popping up on top of my the whole time, I used all my disc. to reach the waypoint and right before I made my escape I was knocked back again. I hit my potion and tried to make it back to the waypoint to no avail. I was running with Reaper and called out in vent I was going down but nothing he could do to save me.

I should have played the encounter a little more defensively from the start and kept close to the waypoint at least until a few of the minions were cleared out. I wasn't even sure I was ready for act 3 farming yet to begin with.
how did you go down? DH's are unforgiving in HC. Good luck on your monk
May your fallen hero never be forgotten.
Was a rough fight. But you'll be back up in now time. RIP man.

Phase beast champ packs are just as scary to me as soul lashers, tremors, lacuni warriors, and those snake sentinels(act 2). It's increasingly difficult to keep them off of you and sometimes it feels literally impossible to avoid being surrounded.

I remember the strategy in old inferno, was to separate each monster from the pack 1 by 1. But in areas where they couldn't be separated people would just skip them outright.

Sometimes I just don't understand the design on some of those monsters, as it can tend to just become unavoidable damage. EDIT: The old smokescreen would've made more sense defensively against stuff like that. A 2-3 second smokescreen would fully drop the aggro on those monsters without forcing the need for vaulting and strafing.
Ouch. Sorry to hear that. RIP.

I was surrounded by a blue phasebeast pack on a narrow walkway about an hour ago. Was blocked in and couldn't run... Couldn't dash out either. Lucky for me they didn't have any dangerous affixes or I would have been toast. Only just managed to kill them before NDE proc'd. Those things are scary.
Sorry for you lost, maybe you should have shoot for the stair instead. Problem is, sometime there is 2 elites on the other side.

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