OMG im scared -- removal of set bonuses!!!!

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go look at your set items

2 set
3 set have been removed


Not convinced of this... This would be a major announcement and even bigger than the black weapon issue that was resolved.

Welcome to last week!
If they aren't changing them then at the least they have removed them. Which is B.S. really with how much gold people pay for some of those items.
exactly i have invested at least 250 million for my legacy nats set minimum
Nats 2 set was WAYYYY OP, it should be the other way around.

2 set is 130 dex

3 set is 7 CC

Inna's 3 set is complete garbage, like...nothing would be better.

Tal Rasha's set bonus are a joke as well.

IK and Nats are the best, with nats being a bit over powered in damage. 7 CC + a 6cc ring is 13cc coming just from a 2 set...basically have having boots with 7 cc on them lol.
Well when you buy anything off the AH, Blizz makes it clear that the stats could change. You take the chance of the item changing everytime you buy something.

So if Blizz changes things, I knew when I bought it , it might change. I took the chance and if Blizz changes things, then I have no one to blame but myself. Just have to go out and get something different.
there was sort of a blue post on this here:

doesn't really tell us anything but the fact that they are acknowledging it as a bug report and that they said they would look into sort of implies that this is in fact just a bug on the website.
issue is looking at IK, Inna, NAT, Tal, .... looking at that gear shows at least 1 missing set bonus from them all

something is jacked up and at this point the only gear set bonus I don't see "missing" is zuni gear (this is as far as the major ones go). Looks like ZUNI has all their gear bonuses listed. Rest have 1 or more bonus stats missing.
A blue still hasn't commented and it's been a week now. I still say it will be changed.
its no coincidence that that crappy set bonuses and the op nat 2p bonus have been scratched. we shall see...
Probably just a bug
ol'Nerfie will bite if you don't go to bed!
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ol'Nerfie will bite if you don't go to bed!

actually lol'd

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