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Let me start this post by first saying it was kinda useless posting on EU cause all the fancy discussions mostly happen on the US forums. Anyway i have some ideas taken here and there (mainly from PoE and the older diablo and arpgs) and i think it would work well and provide much more of a competitive aspect and more endgame material.

First Include different ladder systems other than the Default Softcore and Hardcore league, make temporary leagues and ladders with no AH or RMAH, with probably boosted xp and with a limited time to get to the top of the ladder score. Another league could be a server with different channels that are pvp open with Default standardized gear. First player with most kills at the end of the time limit would win some sort of achievment and a banner upgrade or some fancy stuff like dyes etc...

Second, i read on the forums, a player named Secoya came up with some pretty interesting ideas for a new type of challenge and loot reward. Check his post out! :)

Well seems like i came up with only a few ideas, but feel free to add some more and please no silly comments, we are looking for constructive feedback to help the game take a more competitive and fun direction. :)

my EU profile by the way :P ( so you know guys that I've played for quite some time and wish for this game to achieve greater heights! )

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