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Hey guys,

I've tried to plow through as many posts as I can but unfortunately after being a player who's been out of the loop for over 6 months I am missing a lot of the forum lingo as well as lacking to understand how to play my wizard once again. So I'm hoping someone can answer some basic questions.

Is archon the only viable build for wizzies these days?
Do wizzies still stack Crit hit/Crit Damage/Intel/All resis for maximum damage?
When people talk about "MP0" what does that actually mean?
Whats the good farming routes these days?

All these answered would be great.
No, Archon is not the only viable build... Archon is mainly used to farm mp 0-1 (monster power 0), you activate this option in the gameplay options. When the option is turned on, you just choose which monster power you want before creating your game.

honestly at monster power lvl 0-1, you can use whatever skills you feel like if u have approximately 100k dps...

Crit change and damage are always important

Alkaiser run for good farming route, there are plenty of videos on youtube.

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