Further clarification on 35%pvp reduction for melee needed

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wow~glad to hear that~ thx
Its a bull!@#$.
01/30/2013 11:14 PMPosted by MASKOAA
Doesnt make any sense......Barbs/Monks get 30 against PVE b/c they have to get close....but in PVP all teh classes basically has the same reduc? How does that even make sense?

well , i cant say that blizzard lacks the experience on this one without really seeing the damage reduction in pvp yet.

but offhand , melee has to have more damage reduction since they have to chase while the "cloth" range classes kite.

its the cat and mouse & only 5% DR offhand isnt going to cut it.
increased damage reduction to 50% while in the Scorched Chapel I like that because in same DPS range class(not include zombie bear WD) kill monsters in half speed of melee class in PVM so blizzard can feel free to buff range class skill damage let them can kill monsters in nearly same speed of melee class. I never see any range can do MP10 farm in same speed like melee class do but surprise they on par of melee class in PVP.
I think that EHP needs a dimishing return damage modifyer along with DPS. That would balance out quite a bit. This extra 5% is only going to make the unkillable barb/monk problem worse.

People asking for 50% obviously haven't seen just how much defense one can stack. Yet there are those monks who can just one shot some one with Wave of Light. Its because both players have geared in one extreme or the other. One is unkillable, the other one shots absolutely everything. Dimishing returns will make it far more enjoyable, as no one likes punching a sandbag or instantly dying as soon as your opponent comes into view.
Not sure about monks but barbs should be perfectly fine with the +5% DR. Some barbs are already immortal now because they have so much life regen and dmg mitigation, applying a blanket DR (say 50%) in pvp would be huge mistake, barbs would just stand there and laugh at you while you deal no dmg to them.
Its a trap.
i have a question

has the inherent 30% dmg reduction already been applied to the melee character before the 30th update?

need blue post reply
01/31/2013 02:13 AMPosted by UGotGanked
ie: if you reduce PvP damage by 75% universal reduction, then also reduce life steal to 20%(inferno penalty), Life on Hit reduced 50% + capped at 1.5k, Life Regen reduced 25% + capped at 3k, dodge capped at 75% max, block capped at 50% max, reduction from armor capped at 75%, reduction from resistance capped at 75%.

Im sorry but its people like this who will ruin Diablo3

Lifesteal and LoH do not to be nerfed or capped at all lifesteal is not that good in pvp, and proc rates make LoH balanced. LoH and LS cant be used when a player is stunned,feared, charmed, or trying to hit a invisible dh...so they do not need to be reduced.

As a Barb I can withstand a lot of dmg, but I have been killed in 2 shots ( less than 1 sec) by a 400k+ dps DH. But that is how pvp is supposed to be, I'll go 1v1 against monks where we fight for 1-2 mins before one of us can finally kill the other. That's why its fun, if you don't have those extremes what is the point?

But what your asking for is to have everything be the same, so all players have the same armor, all res, dodge, block...do you have any idea how stupid that sounds?

That's what makes our char's different from each other. one who wants to get 500k dps with 20k hp can do so....and another who wants 200k hp / 13k armor with 5k dps can do so.

IF you cap everything, there is no point to play anymore...why not just give us a char with gear already on them so every one is equal!

so stupid...
So when will DH, WD, and Wiz get additional 30% damage vs monsters since barbs and monks get base 30% reduction?
I have a question: why 5%? maybe 2,356%? or 4,324%? Its a bad joke... just like a slap in the face of melee fighters.
barb: kiteman back!

i have a question

has the inherent 30% dmg reduction already been applied to the melee character before the 30th update?

need blue post reply

+1 i would like to know it!
at least bring back STI to 100% back then..
Gj so i lvl up my wd to 60 hes 57 now. Only for pvp thats how i Balance my pvp
Going have to agree with the above only 5% more DR for the melee fighters just dose not seem right. Maybe monks should get the 100% armor back from sti and barbs the 50% ar back from impunity.

But i really think something should be done about this, the DR between the melee and ranged classes seems just way to close =/.
1. Are the melee classes already being benefited from the 30 percent damage reduction??

IF SO!!!

2. Why are the ranged classes being buffed by receiving 30 percent damage reduction compared to only (additional) 5 percent damage reduction being given to the melee classes?? Voodoos are already dominating the duels as you probably already know from monitoring the situation.... and this buff to the ranged classes will only make the game more unbalanced. The whole point of implementing the original 30 percent damage reduction to melees (in PVE) was to give them a fair chance, no? The ranged classes usually land the first hit on us melees (especially voodoos that spam "haunt" from distance).

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