CM/WW 1.07 - High +DMG, Low Crit DMG ?

Most of my testing on PTR has been with Marquis Ruby and 3.01+ speed, and I have to say I'm a fan. In fact, I've been looking to move my gear toward high attack speed and high average damage.

Any of you feeling the same?

I know CD has been the bee's knees as far as multipliers because of how much crit we carry, but I can't argue with the results I'm seeing.
Not sure which I will use until I run some numbers. Since people with CM builds have both high attack speed and critical chance, it may be close between the two options.

I am wondering though if the repair costs for marquise gems are still really high and if they still make items you put them into permanently bound to account?
I'll still be using emerald because I have one and 20-30 mil for a ruby is a lot of money for me, even if the ruby would be an upgrade.

If money weren't an issue I'd just use whatever gives me the highest char sheet dps.
The problem is Septic, to increase ones dps you need very high Ias, Cc and CD. And once you are rolling with those stats a Marquise Emerald outshines a Ruby.(In its current state)

So those running low Ias,Cc and CD will definately get the most out of the Ruby. But then if they're running low level gear like that, how the hell are they supposed to afford a Marquise Ruby. Blizzard makes me laugh so hard sometimes.

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