New crafted Potions!! IAS/armor/run speed

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What I really want to see are different potions since health Potions really are fine there is a affix that makes them powerful. here are some cool potions that be nice.

1. 40% run speed for 8 sec potion
2. 3000armor for 12 sec potion.
3. 20% IAS for 8sec.

Just some examples of great potions that could be used in game and these would all have to be crafted. Each on will have a difference CD much longer then 30secs based off there power. maybe 60 sec. or 90secs. so you could use one during down time of your CD's or POP a 20% IAS potion with using your CDs to burn a boss. The possibilities with using skill is endless and well more stuff to craft that's actually worth some value.

This can maybe even be a stepping stone onto build diversity which is needed as this game continues to evolve. This would be great use of mats increasing there value and even some more of the powerful potions involving Brimstones. I hope that we can see this some day soon or even get it tested on PTR be great. If you like the Idea thumbs it up or feel free to add your suggestions to mine or objections would be great.

Thanks everyone have a great day. Abomb out :)
Anything that adds more options and crafting to the game I agree with.

I could see replacing health potions with the 3000 armor or 20% IAS potion. I'd like that.
Introducing the Alchemist class :D
02/01/2013 05:38 AMPosted by Mugel
Introducing the Alchemist class :D

True and maybe a quest line to unlock and save him. Like Jewler Shen. That would be awesome. Then of course maybe even 1 mat added since its a new Profession. This alchemist can also make Dye's and even special Legendary dye colors using a brim that cause a radiance or glow effect.

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